Three new L10 sud metro stations come into service

07/11/2021 - 12:00

Mobility and transport. It will come into service at 3 pm.

These are the Port Comercial/La Factoria, Ecoparc, and ZAL/Riu Vell stations, which will boost connections on public transport to the main industrial and logistics area in the Barcelona area

Today, at 3 pm this Sunday, 7 November, three new L10 sud metro stations will be coming into service: Port Comercial / La Factoria, Ecoparc and ZAL / Riu Vell. 

That means the L10 sud metro line will now have 11 stations, with the metro network offering better connections for workers based in the Zona Franca industrial estate, a key hub of economic activity in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

The three new stations have been built along a viaduct that passes through the centre of the industrial estate’s Carrer A, used up to now as a technical line for trains to enter and leave their maintenance base, in the ZAL workshop.

Port Comercial / La Factoria is at the Carrer 27 level, very close to the Capitania Marítima de Barcelona and several car dealers.

Ecoparc station is between Carrer 3 and Carrer 4, opposite the Franca Zona’s TMB bus depot, in the vicinity of the Ecoparc de Barcelona and several logistics companies.

Finally, ZAL / Riu Vell is by Makro and the L9/L10 Sud metro’s central maintenance workshop.

The public opening is this afternoon, at 3 pm, following the official institutional opening.

The three new stations will have a separate timetable from the metro network’s basic operating times: they will be open every day, from 5 am to 12 midnight, just like the L9 Sud’s Mas Blau, Mercabarna and Parc Logístic. Their common denominator is their location in non-residential areas.

This will be the fourth expansion of the L10 Sud, which originally opened with five stations (from Foc to Collblanc) on 8 September 2018. It was joined on 2 March 2019 by Provençana station and on 23 November by Ciutat de la Justícia. The extension up to the Zona Franc, now along Carrer A’s viaduct, came into service on 1 February 2020.

Three of the line’s 11 stations are shared with the L9 Sud line: Can Tries / Gornal, Torrassa and Collblanc. The extension up to ZAL / Riu Vell, will make the 10 Sud line 8.5 kilometres long.

The entire metro network will be expanded to 124.7 kilometres and 164 stations (125.4 and 166 if we include the Montjuïc funicular), of which 36.4 kilometres and 35 stations are on automated, driverless lines such as the L10 Sud.