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The nomadic museum

In collaboration with other like-minded associations, organisations and institutions, such as Les Cases de la Festa, the Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món offers a catalogue of themed travelling exhibitions which can be loaned out to any organisers who wish to exhibit them in their venues, for an activity or celebration where they are appropriate, in order to broaden knowledge and to widen its dissemination.

For further information, please contact reservesmeb@bcn.cat or phone +34 932 562 300.

Caçons de panadero
Catalans a l'Orinoco
El teatre del cos
Ballar el moro
La Patum i altres Patrimonis
Orquestres i democràcia
La Nit de Sant Joan
Pedra Seca
Gent de Festa
Músics de Festa
Pirotècnia de Festa
Fam i guerra
4 i quart
Falles i fogueres
Ordeno, mano i disposo
Ordint el Carnaval