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Live Montjuic 2022. Autumn comes to the mountain full of party

Viu Montjuïc 2022


As usual, the Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món is taking part in the annual recreation and culture days held at Montjuïc.

This is a weekend when everybody can enjoy the mountain's gardens, panoramic views and cultural activities offered through the “Viu Montjuïc” programme.

Facilities around the mountain will showcase their range of cultural offerings over the weekend of Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October.

On these days, the Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món will also hold open days where people can visit the whole museum, and will also put on two fun and interesting activities which start at 10 am.


Clue game!

The clue game is an autonomous activity where participants explore and discover the hidden secrets of the collection of objects from around the world, showcased in the area we call the visitable reserve.

This is a family-friendly activity (meaning children can take part when accompanied by adults), where participants work in teams of four people. The activity is conducted without monitors and is an original way of connecting and familiarising yourself with the huge exhibition of objects on the ground floor of the museum. This space features a wide array of everyday materials used for different purposes, such as playing, cooking, dressing, worshipping and more. The game consists of finding certain objects through clues about their uses, the culture they originated in, the materials they’re made from and their location within the reserve. Each object gives us a key word. Each team will have to find five or six words which, when combined, form a message.


Participants can get the answers at the museum reception once they finish the route.

Date: Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October, 2022

Time: 10 am to 7 pm

Duration: 20-30 mins Free activity (no booking required)

Age: 7 years and above


Urban Sketchers Barcelona meet-up

Urban Sketchers Barcelona are calling for in situ sketching enthusiasts to capture their personal perspective of the architectural, landscape and anthropological diversity of the mountain of Montjuïc on paper.

The gathering, organised by Urban Sketchers Barcelona, will start and finish at the Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món and is aimed at artists of all kinds of backgrounds. The proposed itinerary consists of a series of panoramic viewpoints which, thanks to their social and natural values, make them appealing to sketch. Participants should choose spots based on their preferences, with a view to sharing the results of their work.

The activity is being organised as follows:

10 am Welcome at the Montjuïc site of the Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món. Explanation about the aim of the event and presentation of the points making up the itinerary.

10.30 am Participants make their way to their chosen sketching spots.

1 pm Meet back at the museum to show their sketches. Exchange of experiences and group photograph. There will also be a photocall, where participants will have the opportunity to take a selfie with their drawings. These images will be used to create an audiovisual document which will be projected in the museum foyer the next day and posted on the MUEC’s social media channels.

2 pm End of the meet-up.

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