Barcelona Cultura

With kids

Enjoy the Museum of World Cultures with kids. Below we offer you advice and guidelines to prepare the visit from home: practical information, suggestions and resources of all kinds so that young and old alike can enjoy this experience.

Before the visit

In the museum

  • Look carefully at the pieces suggested in the family itinerary A tour of the cultures of the world in the website.
  • On ending the visit enjoy the tales from around the world and other resources (recipes, languages and writings of the world, among others), in the information section for young and old alike on the second floor.

After the visit

  • Encourage the children to explain what they have seen and what they liked most.
  • Encourage the children to explain to their friends and the school what things they have done in the museum.
  • Follow the museum day by day with the activities and workshops we suggest.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there a car park in the museum?
    The museum does not have its own car park. Nearest car parks: Passeig del Born, Plaça de la Catedral, Avinguda Cambó and Via Laietana.
  • Is there a space for eating with children?
    The museum does not have a restaurant or cafeteria, and it is not allowed to eat or drink in the rooms.
  • Are there activities for children today?
    Check our activities section.
  • Is there an area especially for children?
    The museum has an information and storytelling space on the second floor.
  • Are there baby-changing facilities?
    The changing facilities are in the men’s and women’s toilets on the ground floor.
  • Are strollers allowed in the rooms?
    Yes, you can enter the rooms with a stroller.
  • Can you draw in the rooms?
    Yes, on the condition it is done with pencils and not pens, felt tips or wax crayons.
  • Is entry free for children?
    Entry is free for children under 16.