The Museum of Ethnology has three floors that are open to the public, each featuring a different approach to ethnology, heritage and reflections on culture and society.

Visitable reserve collectionBelow the entry level, the underground floor is home to a significant exhibition of the largest ethnographic collection in Catalonia, held by the Museum. It features 5,000 pieces from all of the continents, displayed by theme in 46 cases over three metres high. This visitable reserve collection makes a huge number of objects available to the public, although despite the overwhelming abundance, it isn't even 10% of the Museum’s materials.

The main floor of the Museum is devoted to the permanent collection Feel our heritage. It is an open space designed to allow for a variety of readings and interpretations, which can lead to new reflections on the materials on display in each visit or activity. The wall is a 20-metre frieze featuring a collage of pieces that show visitors the richness and diversity of our society. The central space is home to six large objects that give name to different themed areas that are part of all cultures and lead us to reflect on how we’ve changed over the years. The relationship between the public and our heritage isn't limited to contemplation but also has a tactile dimension, allowing visitors to handle some objects in order to extract deeper knowledge from the experience.

The boatThe wall

The second floor will be devoted to more experimental proposals arising through the Museum’s collaborations with creators, intellectuals and organisations dedicated to disseminating popular culture in the broadest sense of the word. The innovation of these projects will be reflected in their themes and approaches, as well as in their formats, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by new technology and new trends in contemporary museology.