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Conservation-restoration process of the weapons collection

In February 2011, the conservation-restoration process of much of Frederic Marès' weapons collection came to an end. This collection joined the museum upon the 2009 closure of the Military Museum of Montjuïc, where it had been on display since 1962. A selection from this collection will be exhibited in the Collector's Cabinet starting in May 2011.

The intervention was performed with the twofold objective of ensuring the proper conservation of the weapons, including crossbows, knives and armour dating from between the 16th and 19th centuries, and improving their aesthetic presentation, enabling visitors to appreciate the metallic decorations and marquetry.

The process consisted of:

• Chemical and mechanical cleaning to eliminate the surface dirt, basically wax and varnish applied in previous interventions and alterations trigged by the application of corrosive products.

• The occasional securing of fragile elements.

• The application of protective surface layers.