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Children of Barcelona


Given the good behaviour of the children of Barcelona over these difficult months of the health emergency caused by Covid-19.
Given that the children of Barcelona have made a huge effort to respect the measures decreed and have been responsible in stopping infections.

I HEREBY INFORM the city’s children that they can rest assured that the coronavirus will not affect the distribution of gifts over the festive period. As the Mayor of Barcelona, I AGREE to establish the tasks of the Tió, Father Christmas, Their Majesties the Three Kings of the Orient and all their entourages and helpers as essential services.


I request they be able to cross boundaries and thresholds to spread the magic and excitement of Christmas to our homes.
I authorise them all to be able to breach the curfew in the municipality of Barcelona to fulfil their annual tradition.
I ask for this message to be conveyed to the relevant authorities, so they are aware and do not stop them.
I remind children, and grown-ups, that you must comply with the prevention measures needed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, particularly on Christmas Eve and Twelfth Night. This year there can be no Three Kings Parade, to avoid crowds of people, but you can watch Their Majesties arrive on board the schooner Santa Eulàlia on RTVE Catalunya, TV3 and betevé.
Please remember to get to bed early, and if you wake up and find somebody laden with presents, do not get close and always keep a distance of 1.5 metres!

Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2021!

Ada Colau Ballano

Mayor of Barcelona

Christmas 2020


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