Sustainable Menu for Christmas

Sustainable recipe

We offer you a truly sustainable Christmas menu. Four chefs from Barcelona and the Metropolitan Area have prepared these dishes from seasonal produce and ingredients from producers from our local region, offering good, clean, fair and local food. Bon appétit!

Prepared by chefs from Slow Food restaurants, this menu comes from the Barcelona World Capital of Sustainable Food 2021, a year-long series of events and initiatives that are going to be launched in Barcelona, based on sustainable, fair and healthy food, and where a food policy strategy looking towards 2030 will be developed. 

The menu has been designed by chefs from Slow Food Barcelona restaurants, who prioritise local organic agriculture, use fresh seasonal produce and steer clear of transgenic products. In short, chefs who work with food of the highest quality to improve the link between the land and local gastronomy.

Oyster mushrooms, cauliflower and hazelnuts

An original and sustainable recipe from Berbena (Barcelona) by Carles Pérez Rozas.

Sustainable recipe

Girella with a purée of Jerusalem artichoke, fennel flower and leak broth

An appealing starter based on local and seasonal ingredients from La Violeta (Barcelona) by Jordi Limón.

Sustainable recipe

Tatin of Prat Artichoke and egg parfait

A light main course made with local and seasonal produce from CèNTRIC Gastro (El Prat) by Susana Aragón.

Sustainable recipe

Apple mille-feuille and beetroot with kumquat ice cream

A cold and sustainable dessert from Rasoterra (Barcelona) by Queralt Carpintero.

Sustainable recipe

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