Neighbourhood Pride
Neighbourhood Pride
Museum Pride
Museum Pride


L'Orgull fills the city

In June, Barcelona will once again be partying and campaigning to commemorate International LGBTI+ Pride Day and defend the rights and freedoms of LGTBI communities.

The “Orgull de barri” [Neighbourhood Pride] and “Orgull de Museus” [Museum Pride] projects are accompanied by a wide ranging programme of activities —produced in collaboration with Barcelona‘s LGTBI Centre and run by the Catalan Platform of LGTBI Organisations—, tailor-made for the enjoyment of city residents, while also advocating for sexual, affective and gender diversity.

The celebrations will culminate on the day itself, 28-J, with the second L’Orgullosa macro-concert.

Neighbourhood pride

More than one hundred arts events and activities to celebrate diversity

In June, L’Orgull will once again have a city-wide, decentralised programme, bringing the celebrations to every city neighbourhood, so that all city residents can enjoy the festivities and celebrations. Under the slogan “Orgull de barri”, or Neighbourhood Pride, the organisation is presenting over 100 artistic projects that showcase the group‘s perspective. It is an intergenerational, transfeminist and intersectional programme, produced in collaboration with Barcelona‘s LGTBI Centre —run by the Catalan Platform of LGTBI Organisations—, civic centres, libraries and stakeholders in every district, who work all year to advocate for LGTBIQA+ rights.


Big concert at the Moll de la Fusta quay

Once again, the commemoration of the International LGBTI+ Pride Day culminates on 28 June, with the second edition of L’Orgullosa, the macro-concert that celebrates diversity, love, dissidence, diverse corporalities and the pride of the LGTBI community.

In its first edition, nearly 8,000 spectators were able to enjoy the success, and the aim is to repeat the experience this 28-J at Moll de la Fusta. The festival programme, tailor-made for dancing, travelling and advocating for the rights of the community, will be announced soon. Watch this space.


Exhibitions, workshops and guided visits with an LGBTI theme

During the celebrations, various city museums are once again joining forces to reinterpret their spaces and collections from an LGTBI perspective. Through exhibitions, guided visits and workshops, they offer a perspective that takes into account sexual, affective and gender diversity, in areas such as nature, sports and artistic creation, among others.

This year, the facilities taking part in the LGTBI Centre’s initiative include: the Barcelona Olympic Museum, the National Art Museum of Catalonia, the Barcelona Maritime Museum, the Barcelona Natural Science Museum, the Joan Miró Foundation, the Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Culture and the Museum of Archeology of Catalonia (MAC).


The universe of Egle Zvirblyte, the image of L’Orgull and L’Orgullosa

The illustrations for the municipal project celebrating the International LGBTI+ Pride Day and the L’Orgullosa music poster are the work of Egle Zvirblyte, an artist who, throughout his career, has focused on the themes of identity, transformation, human connection and feminine empowerment, expressed with an explosive use of colours, composition and shapes. A vindicatory, irreverent, aggressive and festive style, not unlike the defence of the LGTBI community‘s rights and freedoms, and the most enlightened side of Barcelona.

Egle Zvirblyte


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