LGBTI Museums

L’Orgullosa has also reached out to the city's cultural institutions, and various museums are currently transforming their premises and programmes to celebrate sexual and gender diversity. The LGBTI Museums initiative, which arose last year in partnership with the Barcelona LGBTI Centre, returns this year under the auspices of L’Orgullosa.

Temporary exhibitions, guided tours, imagined routes and talks are among the many activities designed to help plant a queer seed that highlights realities which have traditionally been under-represented or excluded from the mainstream narrative.

The activities will invite reflection on several issues, such as the impact of HIV and AIDS on the lives of artists (MACBA) and gender transition and intersexuality (MNAC), through various approaches to collections, guided tours and other specific activities.

From mythical creatures like the Maritime Museum's mermaids and sexual diversity in the animal kingdom, highlighted by the Natural Sciences Museum, to Picasso's passion for flamenco, “LGBTI Museums” offers a June full of activities so that people can get together and celebrate LGBTI pride and diversity.

The cycle concludes on 30 June with a day of roundtables at the Barcelona LGBTI Centre, which will be reflecting on museums as institutions and asking whether it is possible to queerise them.

Taking part in this year's initiative: The Picasso Museum, MACBA, the Museum of Natural Sciences, National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC), the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia (MAC), the Maritime Museum, the Miró Foundation, La Capella Art Centre, the Barcelona Olympic Museum.

Activitats als museus

Activitats museus

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