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Barcelona has always been a pioneer in championing sexual and gender diversity. It was the first city in the entire Spanish State to organise a demonstration for LGBTI rights, a mere two years after the death of the dictator, Franco.

Barcelona continues to show itself to the world today as a proudly diverse city, where all possible ways of being and loving co-exist in harmony. And every 28 June we commemorate International LGBTI Pride Day, a date not just for continuing the struggle but also for celebrating the advances achieved and highlighting how sexual and gender differences and family diversities are and must remain beyond dispute.

It is with this same goal and an aim to bring greater visibility to the city’s historical background in defence of LGBTI rights and freedoms that L’Orgullosa was created this year, a campaign that will cover the commemoration of 28 June - International Pride Day, but which aims to go beyond the festivities to show the city to the world as a benchmark for championing the rights and freedoms of LGBTI communities, in the fight against LGBTI-phobia and promoting sexual and gender diversity.

L’Orgullosa will be touring the city’s various districts for almost a month and a half, inviting city residents to enjoy a wide range of artistic activities showcasing the plurality of perspectives of communities.

L’Orgullosa will kick off on 21 May with the LGBTI Centre Party, although most of its events will be held throughout June, culminating in a huge commemorative concert on International Pride Day itself, on 28 June.

We are preparing a huge celebration. A party where all citizens will feel represented and where the very process of being together and celebrating will be the driving force behind the event. A street party in three acts. Full of surprises and reasons for being proud.

This year's music and party will be the perfect medium for spreading the feeling everywhere that Barcelona is an LGBTI city, proud of its diversity: L’Orgullosa Barcelona.



Individuals who are leaders in their areas of knowledge and who have designed the programme of activities for l'Orgullosa. Come and meet them!


Sarai G. Cumplido


Artist and curator. She has a bachelor’s degree in Film and Audiovisual Media. Cultural researcher and co-founder of DU-DA. She currently combines producing projects in the area of culture with independent commissions. Her projects are noted for their need to give voice to non-hegemonic knowledge and for activating speculation on new ways of co-habiting and taking care of ourselves.

Esther Marquina


Music technician and programmer. She studied sound, on which her entire professional career has been focused. A music programmer for over ten years, she combines this work with film projects.

Clara Piazuelo


Researcher and curator. A graduate in History of Art and Audiovisual Communication, she is part of the DU-DA’s artistic research and mediation collective. She is the recipient of an art and education scholarship from UNZIP, an Escocesa research scholarship and a Barcelona Producció research scholarship. She worked for ten years as the head of the Knowledge-Transfer Area at Hangar and as a teacher on the master’s degree in artistic research and experimentation at BAU.​

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