L'Orgullosa Concert



L’Orgullosa is in town

We’re celebrating diversity, love, dissidences and diverse corporalities


The commemoration of the International LGTBI Pride Day will culminate on 28 June with the second edition of the Orgullosa, the massive concert held in the city to celebrate diversity, love, dissidence, diverse corporalities and the pride of the LGTBI collective.

Presented by Llum, this year's show will be divided into three different music sections. The first, with Raül Refree as artistic director, will focus on flamenco. A show that will champion the idea of "queering" flamenco and electronic music, through a powerful and subversive story, and which will bring to the stage the singer Niño de Elche, the choreographer Rocío Molina, guitarist Yerai Cortés, the fusion of Maestro Espada, the cantaor Perrate, and vocalists Bikôkô and Aída Tarrío, from Tanxugueiras.

The second section —focused on folk, festive and feminism— will star LasTanxugueiras and their innovative reinterpretation and fusion of millennial-tradition and urban-rhythm sounds. Energy, empowerment, forcefulness and vocal virtuosity will be on full display throughout the Moll de la Fusta.

The celebrations will conclude with a section featuring pure energy and inmersive fantasy. The stage will transform into a catwalk of dissident imageries and bodies, parading and blending movements as original as lipsync, voguing, walkings and runways, commentators and mermaids. Taking part in the section, led by Putochinomaricón Dj Set, will be LVL1, Kiki House of Laveaux performers, AL-V i Futuroadrag soiré, Panda Waack dancing, Ken Pollet show, Venecia Flour folklore, Cali performances, Bonitx, music pop and plenty more.

In addition, in the days leading up the concert you can win two backstage passes to meet the artists. To have a chance of the passes, you need to follow Joves de Barcelona on Instagram or TikTok, like the post with the poster for L’Orgullosa and mention in the comments that you would like to go. You’ve got until 12 noon on 27 June. For full information on taking part, use the following link.

28J is expecting everyone! Doors open at 6.30 pm

  • Tanxungueiras


  • Niño de Elche

    Niño de Elche

  • Putochinomaricon


  • Perrate


  • Refree

    Raül Refree

  • Rocio Molina

    Rocío Molina

  • Bikoko


  • Maestro Espada

    Maestro Espada

  • Yerai Cortés

    Yerai Cortés

  • AL-V i Futuroa

    AL-V i Futuroa

  • Lum


  • Aida Tarrio

    Aída Tarrío

  • Venecia Fluor

    Venecia Fluor

  • LVL1


  • Bonitx

  • Kiki House of Laveaux

    Kiki House of Laveaux

  • Panda Waack

  • Cali

  • Ken Pollet

    • Moll de la Fusta
    • Gates open at 6:30 pm
    • Metro L3 Drassanes
    • Bus: 47, 59, 120, D20, V13, V15, V17, V19, H14
    • (The Barceloneta L4 metro station will be closed for building work)
    • Plan your route

    Free in order of arrival, until crowd capacity is reached.

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