LGBTI Centre’s Party: Saturday, 21 May, we’re going back to the streets!

10/05/2022 - 12:44 h - LGBTI Maria Sanz

The LGBTI Centre is organising the Centre’s Party for Saturday, 21 May, boasting a programme of activities from morning to night, for every king of public and taste.

The Party will kick off with an open day at the Centre, where visitors can stroll along a fair offering dissident publications from several LGBTI and feminist bookshops or delve into historical photos of the LGBTI movement through a textile screen printing workshop.

At the same time, we’ll be going out to Carrer Comte Borrell to meet up again with local residents. There will be a van parked by the Centre’s front door intended to be a vehicle for sound experimenting vehicle. What’s more, we’ll be having a “deviant cooking” workshop aiming to rescue food that is often wasted to prepare a communal lunch which we’ll be enjoying out in the open air.

The Party will later move, from 5 pm on, to Ronda de Sant Antoni, featuring a variety of musical performances ranging from Isabel Rivera’s queer jaleo flamenco to Jimena Amarillo‘s intimate pop and Mercedes Peón‘s eclectic universe, not to mention Megane Mercury and Navxja‘s dissenting voices, rounded off with DJ Gaspar Blaya‘s petardeo show.

Full programme for the LGBTI Centre’s Party

Programa Festa Centre LGTBI 2022 (1)

11 am-2 pm

CENTRE LGTBI (Comte Borrell, 22)

ESPIGACIONES (Nora Haddad and Elettra Picorossi). Using a collaborative printing workshop for everyone, the project features old images of political representations of the LGBTIQ+ community that have remained hidden away in the city’s archives, to make a decontextualised keepsake, given a new meaning and printed on items of clothing.  From 11 am to 1 pm.

DIFFERENT BOOKS. Several LGBITQ+ and feminist bookshops (Cómplices, Antinous, Prole and Odd Kiosk) will holding a publications market for you to spend the morning leafing through books and fanzines on sexual and gender diversity.

C/ COMTE BORRELL (between C/ Parlament and C/ Marqués de Campo Sagrado)

LA COSA ORGULLOSA (Chico Trópico). Pride is something for singing, playing, shouting out loud, chanting, harmonising, reciting… C.O.S.A., the Organised Mobile Sound Centre, is coming to the LGBTI Centre to record the communities that live and thrive in its surrounding area, starting with the question: what do you feel proud of? A sound-based work will be collectively built on board the Chico-Trópico recording-studio caravan, through a variety of musical and sound exercises you can dance, listen and sing along to.

QUEER DANCERS (Clàudia Mallart). Queer Dancers is an installation about visibility, inclusion and the coexistence of dissidences a single space. The great expressiveness of a set of dancing dolls will be used to represent the values ​​of the community’s most inclusive flag.

DEVIANT COOKING (Grafitti Receptes). A participatory activity for collectively preparing food, featuring: a “deviant salad” starter made from volunteer, rare, wild, unknown, deviant, peripheral, spicy and spiky plants, with irregular bodies and assorted properties; a main course made from “leftover crumbs”, using the bread some neighbourhood bakeries throw away, what’s been left out of the system, food considered ugly, too hard or soft to sell and discarded. The menu will appear as graffiti as a written record so you can cook, rescue and eat such food again and again, whenever you fancy.

5 pm – 10.30 pm

RONDA DE SANT ANTONI, 1 (C/ Urgell corner)

17 h Barcelona Gay Men’s Chorus. The Barcelona Gay Men Chorus was founded in 2014 and is a self-funding and independent non-profit organisation. The association promotes ongoing voice and artistic training to provide a show that is accessible to the hearing impaired. It also collaborates with general and LGBTI+ charitable causes .

6 pm Isabel Rivera and her queer jaleos flamencos. Jaleo flamenco to raise our voices and call for a world of freedom and respect, with Isabel Laudenbach and Jero Ferec on guitar, Irene Zugaza and Anna Colom flamenco singing (cante), and Isabel Rivera Cuenca flamenco dancing (baile); a feminist LGBTQI+ group united in their love of flamenco, which they have turned into a lifestyle.

7 pm Jimena Amarillo. Jimena Amarillo stands out in the new Spanish pop music scene featuring young, self-sufficient and spontaneous newcomers who effortlessly mix different genres and influences. The key to her success is her candour and the empathy she exudes when explaining her happiness, sorrow and love stories, which makes it easy to identify with her and her experiences.

8 pm Mercedes Peón. An eclectic Galician composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Mercedes Peón is the creator of what she herself refers to as “cultural self-esteem music”, a style in which she opens up a world of eclecticism and recognition of local yet hard-to-label concepts. Her latest work, Deixaas, is a sensory experience that blends together, among others, tambourine, synthesizers, piano, voice, the sound of the hoe and real dockyard sounds. The way her staging brings craftsmanship and avant-garde together is altogether exceptional. She has been awarded the Galician National Music Award and was the first woman to receive the MacAllan Bagpipe Trophy.

9 pm Megane Mercury’ and Navxja. Megane Mercury is a Madrid-based multidisciplinary artist who uses visual arts as her main means of expression. She will be sharing the stage NAVXJA, the musical project of an also multidisciplinary artist from Madrid who sings about heartbreak, vulnerability and her experiences with dreamy sounds, an extensive use of reverb and a powerful voice.

10 pm Gaspar Blaya. Gaspar Blaya, better known as Monsieur Blaya DJ and nicknamed “the king of petardeo”, is a turntable chameleon. He can just as soon liven up a party with the purest electronic music, always inspired by French touch, dance and house, as set up an open-air soirée worthy of the kind of parties you’ll find in any town in Murcia.

Activities will be presented by Brigitta Lamoure.

The prelude to L’Orgullosa, the municipal LGBTI diversity party

The LGBTI Centre’s Party is merely the prelude to L’Orgullosa, the LGBTI Pride celebration organised by Barcelona City Council and which will extend throughout June with a programme of activities covering several of the city’s districts.

June will also see a resumption of the LGBTI Museums initiative, where several of Barcelona’s museums, including MACBA, MNAC, the Museu Picasso and the Museu Marítim will holding activities relating to affective and gender diversity.

The cycle concludes on 30 June with a day of round tables at the Barcelona LGBTI Centre, which will be inviting attendees to reflect on museums as institutions and ask whether it will be possible to queerise them.

The full activities programme for L’Orgullosa can be seen on the website.