Egle Zvirblyte i el cartell

The graphic proposals that add colour to the publicity campaign for L’Orgull in Barcelona are the work of Egle Zvirblyte, a Lithuanian artist based in London who is at the cutting-edge of illustration in Europe.

The artist has a particular interest in questions of identity, transformation, human connection and female empowerment, which she reflects in her work through an explosive use of colour, composition and form.

An example of this are the poster illustrations that breathe life into this year's publicity campaign, all one hundred percent faithful to her style: challenging, irreverent, feisty and festive, like the defence of the rights and freedoms of the LGBTI community itself.

Also working on the design of the posters and the various adaptations of Egle Zvirblyte’s illustrations, are the creative teams from Arauna Studio and 131gd.