Javi Navarro

An illustration by Javier Navarro, "El Dios de los Tres"

The L’Orgullosa poster was designed by the artist Javier Navarro, better known by his personal brand "El dios de los tres”. Navarro’s poster, faithful to the world of fantasy and the plants and animals that characterise his creations, is a veritable explosion of colours, a detailed artistic composition for discovering continuous references to the LGBTI+ community, pride and the defence of its rights.

It also contains direct references to the city’s architecture and some of its most iconic symbols. Raval’s Botero cat sculpture stands at the centre, one of freshest and bubbliest symbols of Barcelona's queer movement. There are many references, however, to the city and LGBTIQ+ communities. We invite you to discover them yourselves.


Download the poster (PDF 3.12 MB)


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