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Barcelona Superblock

Barcelona has embarked on a large transformation of public space to take on the big challenges of the future and put residents’ lives at the centre.

Barcelona Superblock

A new model that reclaims the city for local residents

Barcelona has a plan. It's called Barcelona Superblock and is transforming our city with the aim of putting daily life at the centre, bringing cohesion to neighbourhoods and launching the ecological transition. It involves a strategy for meeting the triple crisis we are going through: social, environmental and economic.

The Barcelona Superblock model is aimed at changing the inertia and rules of the game and thereby implementing implement plans and projects which will help to chart the future of a fairer, healthier, more inclusive and diverse and more productive city.

A new way of making a city

Barcelona needs to go through a comprehensive transformation so it can adapt to its current challenges and, to be able to do that, it will have to regenerate itself. Cities were built on the basis of productivity, disregarding the most humane, safest and kindest aspects of our common habitat, from the Industrial Revolution to the 20th century. That is why we are sparing no effort in making our city more habitable and friendly for the people.

An evolving public space

Barcelona aims to reclaim its neighbourhoods and streets for its residents and to generate public spaces for sharing, socialising and enjoying. Numerous initiatives have been launched, for charting the future, which are transforming public space and exemplifying a new city model. A regenerated city that promotes the creation of new meeting spaces, revitalises the local economy, fosters neighbourhood life and fills the city with greenery.

A more sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility is crucial in a city with Barcelona’s features. Cleaner means of transport will enable us to tackle the climate emergency, fight against pollution and reclaim public space from motor vehicles. Barcelona City Council is championing a healthier way of getting about that will be beneficial to everyone’s health and quality of life.

We’re changing the rules of the game

Up to now Barcelona had grown and developed under rules of the game whose main goal was economic profitability. However, we are now turning the tables and changing the rules. Barcelona City Council is launching urban planning regulations that will take us out of the ecological and housing crisis we are currently seeing, by championing the public interest. New rules so that urban planning is not used for generating private profit and forgetting about common benefits.

Towards a more sustainable and resilient city: map of urban transformations

Discover, street by street, how the city of Barcelona is being transformed so it can take on the challenges of the climate, economic and social crisis and put the lives of local residents at the centre.