Obrim Carrers is back on 2 and 3 September!

Obrim Carrers is back again, from the weekend of 2 to 3 September, after the break for the summer holidays. Every Saturday and Sunday will see the streets chosen for this initiative transformed into large spaces reserved for taking a stroll, leisure activities and games, and enjoying local shops.

Cartell de l'Obrim Carrers
29/08/2023 - 09:00 h - Urban planning and infrastructures Ecologia Urbana

Which streets will be fully open to the public and closed to traffic from 2 and 3 September?

  • The Creu Coberta – Carrer de Sants axis (between Plaça d’Espanya and Carrer de Munné).
  • Gran de Gràcia (between C. Nil Fabra and Pla de Nicolás Salmerón).

Obrim Carrers will be held during the month of September following the summer timetable, in other words, from 10 am to 9 pm. As from the first week of October, however, the start and finish times will go forward an hour.

So at weekends, these great hubs will be closed to traffic and fully accessible to pedestrians, for going for a stroll, taking advantage of an opportunity for doing some leisurely shopping in the local shops, reading a book outside in the fresh air or playing an improvised game in the street with a group of friends.

Coexistence with bikes and scooters

It’s important to remember that there are some exceptions for Obrim Carrers; this means that vehicles belonging to local residents can use the streets to access or exit their garages or parking spaces, always from the nearest intersecting street and following the instructions of the staff controlling traffic and the City Police. Check the details using this link.

Bicycles and scooters may also circulate in these streets.però els usuaris han de respectar sempre la preferència de les persones que es desplacen a peu: han de circular a un màxim de 10 km/h i, en cas que hi hagi aglomeracions de persones, és obligatori baixar del vehicle i anar a peu. Check the information poster.