Vista virtual del nou carrer de Pi i Margall
Vista virtual del nou carrer de Pi i Margall

Pi i Margall

We're renovating Carrer de Pi i Margall and turning it into a green hub, whose prevailing features will be plants and pedestrian spaces.


From June 2022 to November 2023.


C/ Pi i Margall will be transformed into a green corridor where plants prevail and which prioritises pedestrians, bicycles and public transport. Not only that, it will become a new green corridor connecting Parc de la Ciutadella with the Collserola range.

One of the notable aspects of the remodelling is the elimination of asphalt and reduction of space allocated to traffic. In fact, 70% of the whole area will be for pedestrians and greenery, resting areas will be created and pavements widened, to 12 metres at some points.

As for mobility, priority will be given to local vehicle and bus travel, with speeds limited to 30 km/hr. There will be an uphill lane for buses and local traffic, as well as a new segregated bike lane, and a shared downhill lane for buses, local traffic and bicycles.




On 29 January, the work taking place on C/ Pi i Margall changed location. 

Work areas for this month:

  • Area 1: On Pi i Margall, between C/ l’Escorial and C/ Pau Alsina, work is being done on both sidewalks simultaneously.
  • Area 2: On C/ Pi i Margall, between the Guinardó roundabout and C/ Pau Alsina, work is focused on the Llobregat side, which includes the sidewalk and part of the pavement, and occasionally on the sidewalk on the Besòs side.



PEDESTRIANS. In the work areas on C/ Pi i Margall the sidewalks have a protected, signposted crossing for pedestrians.

BUS (numbers in green on the map). From 30 January, the bus stops will be as follows:

  • Two stops in the descending direction: at the crossroads between C/ Pi i Margall, C/ Encarnació and C/ Sardenya (1) and C/ Pi i Margall, 7 (2).
  • Two stops in the ascending direction: at C/ Pi i Margall, 18 (3)*, and at C/ l’Encarnació, between C/ Pi i Margall and C/ Sardenya (4).

(*) This stop will come into operation starting on 1 February. Meanwhile, the stop on C/ l'Escorial will remain open. 

VEHICLES (numbers in red on the map). From 30 January onwards, vehicle circulation on C/ Pi i Margall will be as follows:

  • In the seaward direction: transit is allowed on C/ Pi i Margall from the Guinardó roundabout to C/ l'Escorial (blue arrow on the map).
  • In the mountain-bound direction: the route between C/ l’Escorial and the Guinardó roundabout runs along C/ Pi i Margall, C/ Encarnació and C/ Alcalde de Móstoles (green arrow on the map).
  • Opening of C/ Joaquim Ruyra and C/ Hipòlit Lázaro with C/ Pi i Margall (1).
  • Crossing of C/ Sant Lluis with C/ Pi i Margall. Traffic is redirected along C/ Ca l'Alegre de Dalt until it joins C/ Pi i Margall (2).
  • C/ la Providència, between C/ Pi i Margall and C/ Sardenya, is closed to vehicle traffic and will form part of a new pedestrian area. Access to C/ la Providència is from C/ Sardenya (3).

LOADING AND UNLOADING. The current loading and unloading zones will remain in place.

Plànol afectacions Pi i Margall febrer 2023
Plànol afectacions Pi i Margall febrer 2023