Anna Majó

Business Innovation Director, Barcelona Activa

With experience in Innovation in Cities, Smart Cities, Economic Promotion in strategic sectors, and public-private collaboration. Anna is an engineer with a background in strategic consulting and change management at Accenture, and with experience in promoting entrepreneurship at the UPC (main Polytechnical University in Catalonia) . She joined Barcelona City Council with the 22@Barcelona urban transformation project and led the Digital Innovation, Smart City and Urban Innovation Strategy and Policies in the city of Barcelona between 2015-2019, and has collaborated with institutions such as the World Bank and the European Commission. She is currently the Director of Business Innovation at Barcelona Activa and leads the definition and implementation of the strategy to boost the Sustainable Blue Economy in Barcelona, where more than 70 agents have participated and includes 43 measures to make Barcelona the Mediterranean Capital of the Blue Economy (barcelonactiva.cat/en/blueeconomy).

The blue economy in Barcelona, placing the sea on the city's agenda

Thursday, March 30

10:30 h - 11:30 h

Auditori Disseny Hub Barcelona