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Action plan

Immersed in a difficult global scenario where converging factors combine complexity and a certain instability, the city of Barcelona continues to transmit certainty and opportunities.

We're acting in keeping with what is expected of a leading global city of the calibre of Barcelona. Barcelona City Council has got a plan: the roll-out of a series of measures aimed at regenerating the social and economic fabric and fuelling the city’s economic acceleration.

Given the current exceptional circumstances, the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 and its effects on the municipality of Barcelona, here at the City Council we’re starting an economic recovery project based around seven strategic goals:

  • New models to make Barcelona a more resilient city
  • Maintain and strengthen the city’s business network
  • Protect jobs and foster employment
  • Promote local consumption as a priority
  • Protect and relaunch the city’s international reputation
  • Open up Barcelona to talent, to investment and to visitors
  • Define transformational solutions with a metropolitan vision


To achieve these goals, a series of measures will be carried out within the following spheres:

  • Subsidies, grants and funding

Measures to be made available for companies with the goal of boosting liquidity and preventing damage to the production network caused by cash flow issues. At the same time, funding mechanisms are to be activated to ensure stability during the recovery period..

  • Training and advice

The goal is to boost skills and capabilities among workers and companies alike, with enhanced competitiveness as a way of driving the economic recovery. The social focus will be maintained to minimise the impact for at-risk groups.

  • Promotion of communication and connectivity

Campaigns to be implemented to re-establish Barcelona’s reputation with a view to reactivating tourism and transmitting confidence to people to reactivate consumption. New events to be developed to add vitality to city life.

  • Economic development tools

New tools to be developed to allow for the creation of synergies between the city’s socio-economic and business networks, helping to foster organic growth. Specific development plans to be created.

  • Regulatory and administrative changes

Various regulations, administrative processes and services extended to citizens and companies to be adapted with the aim of simplifying and offering greater flexibility for certain procedures, making for a more streamlined economic reactivation.


The City Council will pursue a strategy to position Barcelona as the driving force for the economic recovery of the country as a whole and is to establish measures to safeguard jobs. Reactivation measures will be put into operation in order, corresponding to the following stages:


Shock plan
0-3 months
Emergency measures to halt the acute downturn (aid for the self-employed, subsidies for commercial tenants, increased space for bar and restaurant terraces).
3-6 months
Measures to prompt growth, as swiftly as possible (re-opening of borders, return of congress activity, summer season, re-skilling).
6-12 months
Gradual economic resumption to get back to pre-COVID levels (international promotion, Christmas campaign, MWC, Easter 2021, World Food Capital 2021).
12 months
New strategies to rethink certain sectors, backing for the new economy to drive growth again in the city (summer 2021).

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