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Action plan

Immersed in a difficult global scenario where converging factors combine complexity and a certain instability, the city of Barcelona continues to transmit certainty and opportunities.

We're acting in keeping with what is expected of a leading global city of the calibre of Barcelona. Through the Economic Response Coordination Centre (CECORE) we have focused our resources on trying to minimise the effects of the crisis, by supporting workers, the small economy and businesses.

At the same time, we have also adopted a more strategic approach, by launching medium- and long-term projects to diversify the economy, create new jobs, attract talent, boost digitisation and provide the city with more added value.

In this regard, Barcelona City Council are launching an economic-recovery project based on seven strategic goals:

  • New models to make Barcelona a more resilient city.
  • To maintain and strengthen the city’s business network.
  • To protect jobs and foster employment.
  • To foster local consumption as a priority.
  • To protect and relaunch the city’s international reputation.
  • To open up Barcelona to talent, investment and visitors.
  • To define transformational solutions with a metropolitan outlook.



In order to achieve these goals, a series of measures will be carried out within the following areas of action:

Subsidies, financial aid and funding

Barcelona City Council has mobilised resources, allocating them to companies, shops and self-employed people who need support in order to keep their businesses afloat. In this way, we are protecting jobs while at the same time promoting a transformation in ways of working, to adapt to the Barcelona of the future.


At Barcelona City Council we want to help people start new projects, and consolidate or continue to develop existing ones.  For this reason, we offer support to those who are seeking information, processing paperwork to request financial aid, as well as providing expert assistance with drafting personalised future plans for your business.


We want improved competitiveness to accelerate our economic recovery. That’s why Barcelona City Council has launched a wide range of specialist training courses, designed to face the future with greater energy and enthusiasm than ever. Suitable for entrepreneurs, job seekers or anyone who wishes to broaden their professional horizons.


As international markets start to recover, Barcelona City Council is launching promotional tools to reactivate the city's economy. We want city residents to start consuming again and to rediscover city spaces, and we also want to attract international investment and visitors.

Regulatory changes

Our goal is to make Barcelona to be an easy city in terms of economic activity: anyone who has a good idea should know that they can come and develop it here in our city. We are therefore fostering regulatory and administrative changes that will facilitate procedures for the general public, and allow them to process paperwork more quickly.

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