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Check out all the resources available to workers for tackling the crisis caused by COVID-19: subsidies in the face of the global pandemic, professional guidance resources and employment advice, training courses and programmes for employed and unemployed workers, job offers and other economic-revival resources.

Financial aid

  • A set of resources to help shops and the restaurant industry take the plunge into the digital world. This new service includes the necessary advice to create a digitisation plan, access to a selection of training programmes with over 50 online courses and a set of grants.

    Last update: 17/06/2020

  • Barcelona City Council has approved the terms of a new grant scheme for projects working against the feminisation of poverty - in other words, projects that aim to reduce poverty and precariousness among women - endowed with a total of €150,000 euros for 2020 and 2021. The measure is part of the social shock plan to combat the effects of the Covid-19 crisis, an emergency that has affected women more due to their more vulnerable starting point before the crisis.

    The aid for projects against the feminisation of poverty is in addition to the various support mechanisms for non-profit organisations already working against the effects of Covid-19. In relation to this, the City Council has put together an aid package with a €500,000 investment for those solidarity initiatives that have worked on food projects during Covid-19. These grants, which range from €10,000 to €12,000 in value, will be awarded to grassroots organisations in order to reach around forty organisations that have kept their food services in operation or launched new ones during the hardest times of the pandemic.

    At the same time, and with the aim of combating precariousness and facilitating empowerment, a new edition of the programme “Dones amunt” [“Women Up”] will take place between late 2020 and early 2021 with the creation of five new groups of women in the neighbourhoods of Ciutat Meridiana, Besòs, Roquetes, El Poble-sec and either El Raval or Trinitat Vella.


    Last updated: 24/07/2020

  • To improve the presence of shops in the digital environment and also make them more competitive by adapting to the new times, the Barcelona City Council Department of Commerce, Restaurants and Consumer Affairs is allocating €1 million to fund investment projects in digital marketing, websites, online shops and digital signage, among other things. The subsidies will be for 50% of the total amount of the project and must not be in excess €6,000.

    Term: 31 March to 13 May 2021.

    Last updated: 17/05/2021

  • The call includes grants for commercial establishments carrying out work in their shops that is key in shaping Barcelona’s urban landscape. It also includes specific sections aimed at protected and unprotected historical premises.

    Term: until 30 November 2021.

    Last updated: 17/5/2021


  • Support and guidance in setting out professional goals, choosing the most appropriate training, discovering the best channels for finding job offers, preparing applications, and so on.

    Tel. 608 573 263 (call or WhatsApp)

    Advice for young people aged 16 to 29: 678 66 00 16 (call or WhatsApp)

    Non-stop service

  • Free personal advice and assistance service on employment rights for all workers.

    Non-stop service

  • Queries on the shock plan are answered and local support can be offered through this form.

    Last updated: 17/06/2020

  • The intention of this guide was to create a document for analysing the problems specific to each type of cultural event or activity, in order to draw out a set of criteria enabling them to go ahead but adapted to the basic prevention and protection measures against the possible spread of COVID-19 infections.

    Last updated: 17/06/2020

  • The Barcelona Sports Office is a service that Barcelona City Council, through the Barcelona Sports Institute, makes available to the city's sports sector in order to offer it support, free of charge, in the management of its activities and projects. The service informs, advises and offers training in labor, legal, accounting, communication and environmental matters, as well as the different procedures of the public administrations, such as subsidies, aid or presentation of envelopes, among others.

    Non-stop service

  • The Barcelona International Welcome website offers a welcome service for foreign nationals moving to the city, in particular international talent wishing to establish themselves in the city and embark on an economic or professional activity. It offers information and resources to help them settle in and establish themselves here, such as practical information on everyday aspects (housing, healthcare), procedures that have to be carried out when moving to the city (foreign-national registration, city-residence registration, healthcare card), documents and other useful resources.

    Last updated: 17/06/2020

  • Social and emotional counselling and assistance for workers with a disability and job seekers. You can request an appointment and contact us:

    • By email:
    • By phone: 934 132 839 (Mondays to Fridays, from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm)

    Face-to-face assistance will be provided at arranged times.

    Further information

    Permanent service

  • A new online information service lists all the financial and support resources specially directed at micro-companies, SMEs, the self-employed and workers, the groups that are worst affected by the drop in turnover during the state of emergency. It also provides its service to any company, cooperative, organisation or association that requests it.

    The web portal includes a packet of services, actions and aid specifically designed to tackle this temporary period of uncertainty, lack of liquidity and general cessation of activity.

    The new service covers resources offered by the City Council, the Government of Catalonia and the Spanish Government

    Barcelona Activa information service (CA)

  • Free, individualized and confidential service aimed at young people up to 35 years old.

    At this specialized service, our experts will:

    • Support you in preparing your job search plan and giving you the key tools to access the job market.
    • Advise you on the redefinition of your professional project if you need a change and do not know where to go.
    • Guide you in all those legal issues related to work.
    • Provide you with all the existing resources in the city regarding labour matters.

    Contact information

    Phone: 601 640 794


    Facebook Group “Ofertes de feina a Barcelona”

    Further information

    Last updated 10/07/2020

  • We provide personalised support for small enterprises, start-ups, self-employed individuals, shops and organisations from the social and solidarity economy so they can establish a strategic business plan that enables them to speed up the economic recovery in the post-COVID-19 context.

    Last updated: 19/05/2021

  • The Neighbourhood Plan has adapted the various programmes in the neighbourhoods in which it is being implemented to provide a comprehensive response to the crisis caused by Covid-19. The various actions being carried out have been fundamentally redirected in their response to socio-economic, education, leisure and digital skills acquisition problems as well as those relating to the provision of care in the family.

    Under the socio-economic plan, this July the Neighbourhood Plan will deploy up to seven offices in total to help local residents apply for the various grants specifically made available to address the socio-economic crisis caused by Covid-19. The initiative is aimed at local residents of the areas in which the action is being carried out who have seen their financial situation worsen due to Covid-19, which has hit the city’s most vulnerable neighbourhoods hardest.

    Last updated: 24/07/2020

  • Expert support and assistance service offering young people aged between 16 and 35 work guidance and tools to help with their job hunting and employability.

    Last updated: 2/3/2021

  • Through Barcelona Activa we are putting an advisory team at your disposal, who will advise you on the training best suited to your profile and your labour market opportunities.

  • You don’t know if your employment rights are being respected? This free, personalised help and advice service on employment rights is available to all workers, face-to-face in three districts and also by phone. It covers the whole city and has been expanded to deal with all the demand.

    Last updated: 19/05/2021

  • We will help you, through Barcelona Activa, to design a new business strategy to put your business back on its feet, adopt new marketing models or develop new formulas to incentivise demand.

    Last updated: 19/05/2021


  • Thanks to Barcelona Activa we have launched the Virtual Classroom, a training space where educational teams stream their classes online, so you can have your say, make real-time consultations and interact with fluency.

    Non-stop service

  • The Barcelona International Welcome website offers a welcome service for foreign nationals moving to the city, in particular international talent wishing to establish themselves in the city and embark on an economic or professional activity. It offers information and resources to help them settle in and establish themselves here, such as practical information on everyday aspects (housing, healthcare), procedures that have to be carried out when moving to the city (foreign-national registration, city-residence registration, healthcare card), documents and other useful resources.

    Last updated: 17/06/2020

  • In order to narrow the digital gap, Barcelona City Council, through Barcelona Activa, has launched various lines of action in the area of technological training.

    • Shift to online training during the Covid-19 crisis, through the use of Virtual Classrooms, in order to ensure knowledge of the necessary technological skills to deal with the current situation.
    • Prioritising on-site training, when circumstances permit, for those groups who do not have access to Internet.
    • Inclusion of IT literacy in all employment programmes, given its relevance to job seeking.
    • Introduction of free courses, workshops and master classes in ICT training at the Cibernàrium, for beginners, advanced and specialised levels. Find out more here.


    Last updated: 18/08/2020

  • Take advantage of an opportunity to train in the agri-food sector: from selling local organic produce to food-handling hygiene and driving forklift trucks, or how to be a good butcher's or fishmonger’s assistant, among other options. And, if you're unemployed, you’ll enjoy a special rate! Ready?

    Last updated: 20/05/2021

  • Barcelona Activa has developed a series of unique projects for working in municipal markets and in local shops. Launched in collaboration with Mercabarna and the Barcelona Municipal Markets Institute, they aim to meet the needs of generational change-overs in municipal-market sectors. Take a look, you may find them useful!

    Term: until 30 June 2021.

    Last updated: 20/05/2021

  • Mercabarna provides blended-learning courses in various specialist fields including, among others, charcuterie, butchery, fishmongery, food handling and lorry driving. There are social security discounts for training unemployed people.

    Last updated: 31/12/2020

  • A programme promoted by Barcelona Activa, in conjunction with Mercabarna and in collaboration with the Barcelona Municipal Institute of Markets, which seeks to respond to the need for generational handover in the markets. The programme is aimed at young people aged 18 to 29, with or without compulsory secondary education (ESO), Baccalaureate or intermediate Vocational Training qualifications, and offers guidance and training in 3 food-trade specialities.

    The second edition is currently about the finish and the deadline for hiring will be 30 June 2021.

    Last updated: 22/02/2021

  • Would you like to discover the world of ICTs? Or maybe you have already but you’d like to improve your digital and technological skills? Whatever your situation, Cibernàrium offers you training so you can take on the challenges that come with digitisation. By anticipating them and innovating, you’ll be able to meet the needs of enterprises for digital talent.

    Last updated: 21/05/2021

  • Fancy learning how to construct a webpage, inside and outside? Fancy finding out what data science is and how to apply it in strategic decision-making? You’ll be able to that now with the IT Academy, and in a mere twelve weeks! Thanks to its personalised and highly innovative educational self-learning model and to an expert mentoring service that supports you throughout the process you’ll obtain free advanced training in programming. In addition, you will also have advice and tools at your disposal for finding work in the field of ICTs.

    Last updated: 20/05/2021

  • Located in Barcelona Activa’s Technology Park, this training space is much more than a programming campus. Backed up by its successful track record of work placements in more than twenty campuses around the world, it offers an educational, innovative and ground-breaking model that allows you to choose what to study and at what pace; which is why it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will acquire digital expertise of the future through technology centred on “learning to learn” which fosters creativity and teamwork, so you can opt for a labour market that is constantly in need of new digital and cross-cutting skills. This is a Telefónica Foundation, Barcelona City Council and Catalan Government initiative. It’s up to you!

    Term: it is expected to officially open in the second half of 2021.

    Last updated: 20/05/2021


  • Fancy opting for key jobs in the city’s strategic areas? Fancy focusing your professional careers on the industry and energy, health and care, logistic or information and communications sectors? Now you can, as Reskilling offers you a short technical-professional training course that will help you to improve your employability. What’s more, you can choose between three different formats: online, streaming and face to face. Think no further: go and sign up for it right now!

    Last updated: 20/05/2021

  • Languages are now, more than ever, an essential tool for facing the future. Fancy learning English so you can work in whatever you like most? Have you thought about broadening your linguistic education to improve your professional profile and adapt to the demands of the labour market in strategic sectors? Reskilling Languages makes it easy for you and, what's more, it's you who decides the format: online or hybrid. Don’t worry, be happy!

    Last updated: 20/05/2021


  • This personalised card will let you enter and leave the car park of your choice, from the BSM Parking network, as many times as you like for either 15 or 30 consecutive days. All you need to is choose the car park and book the days you need, at the best price and with a guaranteed place. If you purchase it online using the code bsmle20, you will receive a 20% discount.

    Last updated: 20/05/2021


  • Barcelona City Council, through Barcelona Activa, has injected €6 million into a plan to boost employment in the city in order to combat the impact of the pandemic, protect employment and encourage the creation of quality jobs, immediately and as an extraordinary measure. The shock plan includes a €4.2 million endowment from a Covid fund to deal with the pandemic and €1.8 million to be allocated to extraordinary employment plans to help achieve the city’s social and economic recovery.

    The lines of action for the short term or for 2020, which are carried out by the CECORE Economic Response Coordination Centre, are:

    • A new set of recruitment grants for new contracts of at least six months duration.
    • Online professional technical training actions for workers in traditional sectors adapted to new digital jobs, which have better employability and job creation prospects.
    • A Youth Employment Shock Plan, with a package of measures to help young people join the world of work, including mentoring actions and tailor-made training, reinforcing projects planned with the Catalonia Employment Service.
    • Recruitment by the public administration of people who are unemployed and have special difficulties.
    • Holding a trade fair in September to reactivate employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.
    • Activation of projects for support and the reactivation of the local economy in neighbourhoods and districts, with grants of up to 80% of the project.


    Last updated: 24/07/2020

  • Barcelona City Council has announced the Agreement for Barcelona, a new tool for making the most of the city’s potential to overcome the Covid-19 crisis and provide a new boost for the city in agreement with the agents of the city’s economic, social, education, cultural, sporting and scientific sectors, and with a metropolitan perspective.

    The Agreement is a collective commitment and proposal to help find a positive way out of the crisis above all other considerations, working more intensively and together in relation to the main priorities that should help us advance towards Barcelona’s economic and social recovery in the next eighteen months while continuing to carry out the necessary transformations towards environmental sustainability.

    Ten Main Goals

    The Agreement for Barcelona includes ten goals on which the great pacts to give a boost to the city are to be built. They are as follows:


    • To reactivate and strengthen Barcelona’s production and commercial sectors ​​as the main elements for revitalising the economy and the creation of jobs.
    • To commit to resilient and innovative economic sectors, supporting diversification, thanks to the acceleration of the city’s digital transformation and technological capacity.
    • To boost community action by reinforcing social services and constructing them together with entities and the social fabric, in order to address the crisis and the new vulnerabilities that have now been added to existing inequalities, with a commitment to the role of care in our society.
    • To turn housing into an economic, social and environmental response to the crisis.
    • To strengthen the city’s healthcare and biomedical system, helping improve the public’s health and consolidate Barcelona as a safe and advanced city that is a leader in the provision of healthcare.
    • To make progress towards a new urban model with a more local basis, giving new impetus to sustainable mobility, renaturalisation and the reduction of emissions, and reasserting the commitment to address the climate emergency.
    • To make a commitment to build an education system and an education network in which equal opportunities are guaranteed and that constitute the basic tool for ensuring social equity. To boost the city’s science capital and its value for the definition of future strategies, and to consolidate Barcelona as a research centre.
    • To promote access to culture by strengthening the city’s cultural and creative capital as Barcelona’s first-class heritage, a factor for cohesion and international visibility. To guarantee universal access to sport for all citizens as a tool for health and the creation of association networks.
    • To reactivate the city as a high-quality, safe and sustainable urban tourist destination and a centre of professional exchange and talent recruitment and retention.
    • To consolidate Barcelona’s active role in the international arena, committing to city networks, cooperation and multilateralism.


    Last updated: 24/07/2020

  • Remodelling projects in progress: Mercat de l’Abaceria and Mercat de Sant Andreu. Start of the project for future remodelling work on the Mercat d’Horta and Mercat de Montserrat.

    The aim is to put the focus on plans for improving and maintaining Barcelona's markets, with an annual budge of 4 million euros. And the network’s Digitisation Plan will be implemented with a budget of 2.8 million euros. The project will be in operation between the start of the last quarter of 2020 and 2023.

    Last updated: 22/02/2021

  • Open to everyone and specifically created for the city’s local shops and restaurants and cafés, this digital online selling platform is committed to helping the sector with its digital transformation.

    Term: as of 15 April 2021.

    Last updated: 20/05/2021

  • Employment action to promote job placements for unemployment individuals, by combining employment-experience, skills-improvement and employment-guidances initiatives. Participants are incorporated into several municipal projects connected to strategic sectors through 6-month employment contracts.

    Last updated: 20/05/2021

  • The Business-Employment Platform is a Barcelona Activa tool for finding applicants for job vacancies which the city’s businesses need to fill.

    Non-stop service


  • We have applied Economic Activity Tax allowances to increased workforces and use of renewable energies, among other things.

    • Further information: see the section entitled “Taxes, rates and public-sector charges” on the Barcelona Municipal Markets Institute’s website

    Last updated: 20/05/2021

  • To boost economic activity and encourage the neighbourhood’s return to life, local commercial and restaurant establishments have more space at their disposal — temporarily and as an exception. We have extended the provisional authorisation period by one year. They will be valid until 31 December 2021 and are intended to facility these establishments’ economic activity.

    Last updated: 20/05/2021

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