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I am job-hunting or wish to improve my professional profile


Check out all the resources available to workers for tackling the crisis caused by COVID-19: subsidies in the face of the global pandemic, professional guidance resources and employment advice, training courses and programmes for employed and unemployed workers, job offers and other economic-revival resources.

Financial aid

  • Barcelona City Council initiative enshrined in the Social Shock Plan launched in response to the social-emergency situation. The project helps to strike a balance between the work, family and personal lives of residents in the neighbourhoods where the Neighbourhood Plan is implemented.

    If you live in one of the neighbourhoods where the Concilia project is being deployed and, for reasons of work, education, care or personal matters you have no one available to look after your children, you can enjoy free child-minding, requesting it in advance.

  • This initiative, the purpose of which is to help businesses to resume their activity, provides incentives for recruiting unemployed persons who have special difficulties accessing the labour market. This year's call for subsidy applications continues, with €5,000 for every unemployed person resident in the city hired, and €6,000 for young people, those over the age of 45 and women. The employment contracts must be for full-time work, for at least 6 months and from businesses with their work centre in the metropolitan area, with special attention paid to people under the age of 30 and over the age of 45.

    Subsidy application period: first half of 2022


We will help you with your project

Barcelona City Council is at your side to help you look for information, selecting the resources best suited to your needs and helping you with the paperwork for financial help or drawing up personalised plans for your business with the help of experts. Our advice services will help you start new projects, consolidate them and ensure they keep evolving.

  • Support and guidance in setting out professional goals, choosing the most appropriate training, discovering the best channels for finding job offers, preparing applications, and so on.

    Tel. 608 573 263 (call or WhatsApp)

    Advice for young people aged 16 to 29: 678 66 00 16 (call or WhatsApp)

  • Free personal advice and assistance service on employment rights for all workers.

  • Social and emotional counselling and assistance for workers with a disability and job seekers. You can request an appointment and contact us:

    • By email:
    • By phone: 934 132 839 (Mondays to Fridays, from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm)

    Face-to-face assistance will be provided at arranged times.

    Further information

  • With the aim of facilitating access to all the available services and resources and providing an effective and comprehensive response for people and families, the Neighbourhood Plan and Barcelona Activa have launched the XARSE (Socio-Economic Response Networks) project, which has been deployed in six care and assistance points in neighbourhoods.

    It is a service for the provision of comprehensive care for people, regardless of the nature of their problem, and practical support (including online processing if necessary) for the purpose of referring them to the resource(s) that are best suited to their needs. Several types of initiatives are being deployed under it:

    • Attending to each person’s needs and referring them to the public administration or community resource that best suits their needs, in close coordination with Social Services
    • Provision of support for online processing of financial aid
    • Provision of digital training and support in collaboration with the Bit Hàbitat foundation
    • Emotional support meetings
    • Training and support on household finances
    • Sessions on the defence of labour rights in times of COVID-19

    Initial assistance and support for processing financial aid is being provided face to face, with all the safety measures required by the current context of the pandemic. The neighbourhood care and assistance points are located in the neighbourhoods of Raval, Besòs i el Maresme, Trinitat Vella, Trinitat Nova, Marina and Zona Nord.

  • In order to save time and avoid unnecessary trips, the Municipal Tax Office has made available an appointment service so that citizens can receive personalised support via video call. With this service, taxpayers can have their needs met through a computer, mobile phone or tablet, at the time and on the date of their appointment, without having to leave their homes.

    Time frame: Throughout 2022.

  • Have you got any queries regarding your workers’ rights? This free, personalised help and advice service on employment rights is open to all workers and available face-to-face in three districts and also by phone. Services provided throughout the city.

    Time frame: Throughout 2022.

  • Employment information and job search support service for people who are in vulnerable situations, whether due to their personal, social, legal or financial situations, in addition to being unemployed.

    It is especially intended for trans individuals, women who are victims of domestic violence, prisoners of the criminal justice system who are allowed to work and ex-convicts, members of ethnic minorities, people suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism, people in irregular situations, etc.

    Time frame: Throughout 2022.

  • Through Barcelona Activa, citizens now have a team that will provide personalised job search guidance and advisory services, offer training that is perfectly suited to the profile of each person, and help prepare them for the opportunities on the current job market.

    Time frame: Throughout 2022.

  • This is the employment information and job hunting support service for the city’s youth. Here, young people can find all of the information on training, work resources and tools they need to seek work. The service is provided through the Sant Agustí Convent and different spaces distributed throughout the city, as well as virtually.

    Time frame: Throughout 2022.

  • These two are benchmark events for entrepreneurial initiative and job seeking, and they are held together to foster talent and boost businesses. The entrepreneurial and business ecosystem in the city and the entities and professionals will once again come together in 2022.

    Time frame: September 2022.


Get trained

If we want to be competitive, we need to be up to date! That’s why Barcelona City Council has launched a wide range of specialised training lines, designed to address the future with more drive than ever. These are geared towards companies and entrepreneurs. If you are looking for work or you would like to broaden your professional horizons in the ICT sector, don’t miss this opportunity!

  • Would you like to discover the world of ICTs? Or maybe you have already but you’d like to improve your digital and technological skills? Whatever your situation, Cibernàrium offers you training so you can take on the challenges that come with digitisation. By anticipating them and innovating, you’ll be able to meet the needs of enterprises for digital talent.

  • Fancy learning how to construct a webpage, inside and outside? Fancy finding out what data science is and how to apply it in strategic decision-making? You’ll be able to that now with the IT Academy, and in a mere twelve weeks! Thanks to its personalised and highly innovative educational self-learning model and to an expert mentoring service that supports you throughout the process you’ll obtain free advanced training in programming. In addition, you will also have advice and tools at your disposal for finding work in the field of ICTs.

  • Located in Barcelona Activa’s Technology Park, this training space is much more than a programming campus. Backed up by its successful track record of work placements in more than twenty campuses around the world, it offers an educational, innovative and ground-breaking model that allows you to choose what to study and at what pace; which is why it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will acquire digital expertise of the future through technology centred on “learning to learn” which fosters creativity and teamwork, so you can opt for a labour market that is constantly in need of new digital and cross-cutting skills. This is a Telefónica Foundation, Barcelona City Council and Catalan Government initiative. It’s up to you!


  • Fancy opting for key jobs in the city’s strategic areas? Fancy focusing your professional careers on the industry and energy, health and care, logistic or information and communications sectors? Now you can, as Reskilling offers you a short technical-professional training course that will help you to improve your employability. What’s more, you can choose between three different formats: online, streaming and face to face. Think no further: go and sign up for it right now!

  • Languages are now, more than ever, an essential tool for facing the future. Fancy learning English so you can work in whatever you like most? Have you thought about broadening your linguistic education to improve your professional profile and adapt to the demands of the labour market in strategic sectors? Reskilling Languages makes it easy for you and, what's more, it's you who decides the format: online or hybrid. Don’t worry, be happy!

  • The Cibernàrium offers training to improve digital technology skills and contribute to tackling the challenges posed by digitalisation. And for people who are just getting started in ICTs, they have basic training available at the Antenes Cibernàrium [Cibernàrium Antennae], located all over the city!

    Time frame: Throughout 2022.

  • Barcelona Activa’s IT Academy programme allows individuals to revamp their professional profile in order to move into sectors such as programming and data science, in just twelve weeks! Thanks to its personalised and highly innovative educational self-learning model and to an expert mentoring service that supports you throughout the process, you can get free advanced training in programming. It also includes an advisory service and tools to find work.

    Time frame: Throughout 2022.

  • Located in Barcelona Activa’s Technological Park, 42Barcelona is a programming campus that follows an innovative and free model endorsed around the world that is based on ‘learning to learn’, which fosters creativity and teamwork and allows individuals to train at their own pace, opening doors to a new job market.

    This is a Telefónica Foundation, Barcelona City Council and Catalan Government initiative.

    Time frame: Throughout 2022.

  • Employment action to promote job placements for unemployed individuals, by combining employment-experience, skills-improvement and employment-guidance initiatives. Participants are incorporated into several municipal projects connected to strategic sectors through 6 or 12-month employment contracts.

    Time frame: Throughout 2022.

  • Short-term technical and professional training that allows individuals to improve their profiles or refocus their careers on strategic sectors in the city which have a greater demand for workers.

    Time frame: Until June 2022.

  • Languages are now, more than ever, an essential tool for facing the future. These language reskilling courses are short training modules that give individuals to right to take official language exams. Through them, they can learn new languages to improve their professional profile and better adapt to the demands of the job market.

    Time frame: Until June 2022.

  • At the Trade School for Entertainment and the Creative Industries, young people are already trained in the technical part of creation, as well as in the development of products or services of public usefulness or social interest related to the performing arts, design and digital products. There are specialities in councillorship, floral arts, 3D art, audiovisual production, lighting and sound. In 2022, the Trade School for Entertainment and the Creative Industries and another Trade School for Sustainable Neighbourhoods have been launched. The latter trains young people in forestry work and the environment.

    Time frame: Until October 2022.

  • Barcelona Activa offers free training to help individuals find a new job, improve their professional profile, become entrepreneurs or grow their business. Individuals will also have access to the technological training offered by the Cibernàrium and the specific courses for young people and women. They can choose between different types of training experiences and different formats: in-person, online and via streaming.

    Time frame: Throughout 2022.

  • Specific programmes for young people, allowing them to discover new sectors, get trained and find work. There are courses in hospitality and restaurants, facilities and construction, trade and logistics, education in leisure, and social work and healthcare. There is also a specific programme to work at markets and in local shops.

    Time frame: Throughout 2022.

  • This is a programme promoted by Barcelona Activa, in conjunction with Mercabarna and the Fundació Intermedia and in collaboration with the Barcelona Municipal Institute of Markets, which seeks to respond to the need for generational handover in the markets. The programme is aimed at young people aged 18 to 29, with or without compulsory secondary education (ESO), Baccalaureate or intermediate Vocational Training qualifications, and offers guidance and training to become an assistant in one of three food-trade specialities: butchery, delicatessen or shops selling local, organic products.

    Time frame: Throughout 2022.


Promovem Barcelona [We Promote Barcelona]!

Barcelona City Council is launching tools that promote the city’s economy. To this end, it is carrying out several initiatives aimed at stimulating local economic activity, in line with the recovery of international markets. This guide features some of the services and various promotional campaigns that have been launched.

  • Employment action to promote job placements for unemployment individuals, by combining employment-experience, skills-improvement and employment-guidances initiatives. Participants are incorporated into several municipal projects connected to strategic sectors through 6-month employment contracts.

    More information

  • The Business-Employment Platform is a Barcelona Activa tool for finding applicants for job vacancies which the city’s businesses need to fill.

  • These two are benchmark events for entrepreneurial initiative and job seeking, and they are held together to foster talent and boost businesses. The entrepreneurial and business ecosystem in the city and the entities and professionals will once again come together in 2022.

    Time frame: September 2022.

  • The SSE strategy #ESSBCN2030 is the result of collaboration and commitment among Barcelona’s SSE community to join forces and strengthen SSE in the city. In June 2021, there was a city agreement that created a joint work space for collaborative participation and governance in the SSE sphere. This was co-led by AESCAT, the Social Economy Association of Catalonia and the Barcelona City Council, lending continuity and enhancing the participative process that was started. This contributes to the socioeconomic development of the city and its residents.

    Drawing from the road map that laid out the strategy for #ESSBCN2030, the Barcelona City Council has drafted the 2021-2023 Plan to Promote the Social and Solidarity Economy, prioritising and carrying out the actions that will have the most impact on the city’s public policies. During its three years of validity, an estimated 21.8 million euros are expected to be earmarked for it.

    Time frame: Throughout 2022.


Let’s boost the city!

The crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt and be imaginative. The Barcelona City Council is firmly committed to ensuring that our city is an easy place for economic activity. This is why it has launched regulatory and administrative changes that simplify things for city residents and economic sectors and speed up and simplify procedures and payment periods.

  • Barcelona City Council has decided to change the payment dates for taxes, rates and public-sector charges making up municipal tax measures.

  • The Barcelona City Council offers different rebates on this tax: for newly constructed housing, social housing, for large families and for installed systems to thermally or electrically harness the energy from the sun. These will be in effect for the three tax years following the date the installation is legalised.

    Time frame: All year round, but the specific terms for each rebate should be checked.

  • The Barcelona City Council offers different rebates on the buildings, installations and works tax. The buildings, installations and works tax (ICIO) rebate can be requested for those works that intend to construct buildings or make installations that have been declared of special interest or usefulness for the city. This can be because of social, cultural, historical, artistic circumstances, because they foment jobs, or because they incorporate thermal or electric solar energy systems.

    Time frame: The rebate must be requested when applying for the corresponding licence or presenting the prior communication for the works, buildings or installations. Applying for the rebate on the tax self-assessment form is understood as a request for a tax advantage.

    Rebate requests that are presented after the licence application or communication, or after the works, buildings or installations are finalised, in the case of the legalisation thereof, are considered late.

  • The Barcelona City Council offers different rebates for the tax on the increase in urban land value. Within a period of six months, extendable for another six counting from the day the involved party dies (if during the first six months the interested person presents an extension request), the taxpayer must complete the tax self-assessment and apply the provisional notification or, when applicable, present the declaration.

    For people over 65 years of age, the full amount of the tax (capital gains) will be returned to those people over 65 years of age who cede their usual residence to a banking entity in exchange for a lifetime income (reverse mortgage).

    This must be requested once the self-assessed tax has been paid, a maximum of one year after the date it was transmitted.

    Time frame: All year round.

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Reactivating the economy

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