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Restaurants are now back on the menu

Go out and see what Barcelona has to offer and choose a quality service. Choose a quality service and it'll get even better. We are restaurants. Let's make Barcelona.


When restaurants light their hobs and bars open their terraces, the city is filled with life once more. Barcelona has a strong, high-quality and sustainable catering sector that is committed to their environment, including 9,300 bars and restaurants and 5,500 licences for ordinary terraces. This culinary abundance means that you can find thrills, share good times with your loved ones and experience all the cultures that have found an ideal niche in Barcelona for becoming established, growing and flourishing.

But Barcelona’s catering sector is much more than that. It promotes ecological and local products; it helps to create safer, more dynamic and more attractive neighbourhoods, and it showcases an important part of our culture for visitors.

In order to tackle the current situation and help to fill the city's bars and restaurants with life, the City Council has launched various aid measures. These include a one year extension for the authorisation of new terraces and the expansion of existing ones; a 75% reduction in terrace-tax charges and a series of subsidies for the digital transformation of businesses, with a total budget allocation of €500,000.

Barcelona is full of flavour! Why not have another taste?

  • Barcelona's restaurants see to everything so that, when you eat there, you will come out with a smile. Constantly training staff, committed to fresh and quality produce, innovation in the kitchen and the dining room. They listen to you, learn what you like and develop to serve you even better.

    To accompany the sector along its progress, Barcelona City Council has been awarding a seal of quality over the last few years and working together with the Restaurant Guild to continue supporting the city's bars and restaurants.

  • There are more and more restaurants and bars in Barcelona opting to prepare their culinary range of offers with ecological and local produce. That way, they are helping not only to enhance the quality and excellence of their dishes but also to put a halt to the carbon footprint.

    In addition, Barcelona's restaurants are working together with the city's local commerce and municipal markets to minimise food wastage as much as possible. Together, they are helping to make Barcelona a more solidary and sustainable city.

  • Barcelona's multi-cultural nature is also enriching its range of food offers. The city’s neighbourhoods offer us a change to journey to a host of countries through our palates. And all that, invariably with the excellence and quality that define Barcelona's restaurant sector. Good service, maximum professionalism, scrupulous compliance with all food safety regulations, constant innovation to make you feel at home...

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