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Social and solidarity economy, now more than ever!


Barcelona has a whole host of production, service, activity, consumption and funding initiatives in operation which have been making proposals that are more democratic, solidary and friendly to people and the territories and enabling us to reverse the climate emergency. And you too, as a city resident, can join in all these initiatives!

What is the social and solidarity economy?


The social and solidarity economy is a set of socio-economic measures, formal or informal, individual or collective, which prioritise meeting people's needs over making profit. They are also notable for being independent of the public authorities, for acting under the guidance of values such as fairness, solidarity, sustainability, participation, inclusion and community commitment, and for promoting social change.
The social economy is local, sustainable, responsible, transformational, innovative, plural and diverse. It is life!

Què és l'Economia Social i Solidària

How can I join the social and solidarity economy?


Barcelona is a city where the social and solidarity economy is present in practically every sector, from housing, food, energy, finances and culture to people's assistance; today there are over 4,700 socio-economic initiatives inspired by the SSE's values! And they are putting people at the centre of their work to ensure decent jobs while championing such values as equality, self-management and cooperation.
Here on the Social and Solidarity Economy website, you will discover a whole range of information, resources, services, entities, workshops and activities that enable you to take a deep look at this world and discover all its possibilities in Barcelona.

Com puc sumar-me a l'ESS

Fancy embarking on a social and solidarity economy project?


We at Barcelona City Council are working together with Barcelona Activa to promote and launch socio-economic initiatives in the area of the social and solidarity economy, offering training and accompaniment throughout the creation process, and strengthening them financially.

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