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We are what we eat: choose local food!

Beneficis alimentació sostenible. Claus per recuperar i impulsar l’activitat econòmica a la ciutat de Barcelona.


Our city offers a wide range of alternatives for conscious consumption, which enable city residents to fill their baskets with fresh, ecological, seasonal and local food, thereby reducing the distance between producers and consumers.

    • Buying local food boosts the local economy and our farmers and rural areas
    • Local food is seasonal
    • Local food is fresh and tasty
    • Local food is more sustainable
  • Barcelona has a range of alternatives for eating healthily and buying fair-trade and environmentally sustainable products: municipal markets, neighbourhood specialist shops, homes-purchase services, farmers’ markets, consumption cooperatives and so on. Find out all about them here!

  • Barcelona aims to give a central role to sustainable food to start its transition towards a healthy, sustainable, fair and resilient food system. That is why it will be the world capital of sustainable food in 2021, and why a whole host of events and initiatives having sustainable food as their main focus will be launching new projects that will turn the city into a benchmark in the area and build a new strategy looking towards 2030.

    All that will be used as a lever for driving a food transition which will enable us to strengthen our local economies and make people and the planet healthier!

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