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Towards the Barcelona of 2030

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The economic, urban and social transformation of Barcelona

The economic, urban and social transformation of Barcelona is progressing at such a rate that, by 2030, the Catalan capital is set to be a competitive, sustainable and equitable city with a diversified economy that generates high-quality employment and adapts to new challenges, such as the ecological and digital transition.

As a driving force and benchmark for economic reactivation, the city of Barcelona has its own plan –the Barcelona Green Deal – which is being shaped throughout 2022. This roadmap consists of three strategic axes – competitiveness, equity and sustainability – which bring together 10 objectives and 66 strategic actions.

Six major urban areas and seven strategic sectors

To make the Barcelona Green Deal a reality, the city has been mapped out into six major urban development areas and seven strategic sectors, which are expected to help reboot the economy.

Each of the six major urban development areas is linked to one or more of these sectors through different initiatives. These are the key projects, but there are also cross-cutting ones such as the municipal market remodelling project and the “Endolla” (Plug) project.

Skyline de Barcelona

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