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There are those who, on Sant Jordi / St George’s Day, discover an author, fall in love with a book and are moved by a story. This year, to mark the Reading Festival’s Opening Speech which the writer Irene Vallejo will be giving, the city’s libraries are offering us new reading material to transport us through space and time.

Book cover Paraules d’Arcadi. Què hem après del món i com podem actuar by Arcadi Oliveres

Paraules d’Arcadi. Què hem après del món i com podem actuar

Arcadi Oliveres

The economist and social-movements trend setter, Arcadi Oliveres re-examines the concepts that have guided his positions: democracy, refugees and migrations, capitalism, climate change, anti-arms movement and the culture of peace.

Biblioteca Vilapicina i la Torre Llobeta

Hombres que ya no hacen sufrir por amor. Transformando las masculinidades

Coral Herrera

The author challenges us to rebel against the patriarchy and enables us to understand our ways of relating ourselves and loving ourselves are neither innocent nor final.

Biblioteca Ignasi Iglésias - Can Fabra

Book cover Pastelería sin sin by Gabriela Marchesotti

Pastelería sin sin

Gabriela Marchesotti

This book offers you recipes, tricks and advice to make it easier for you to prepare sweet and savoury dishes for anyone suffering from some kind of food intolerance.

Biblioteca Sant Antoni - Joan Oliver

Book cover Impossible by Erri de Luca


Erri de Luca

When the central character goes out to walk alone on the mountain, they sense someone approaching them from behind. They let them go by, to recover their solitude and once again sense the immensity of nature.

Biblioteca Esquerra de l’Eixample - Agustí Centelles

Book cover Érase un río by Bonnie Jo Campbell

Érase un río

Bonnie Jo Campbell

After the violent death of her father, sixteen-year-old Margo Crane, takes to the River Stark, armed with her Marlin rifle, a few supplies and an old biography of Annie Oakley, in search of her mother.

Biblioteca El Carmel - Juan Marsé

Book cover La noia de la botiga 24 hores by Sacaya Murata

La noia de la botiga 24 hores

Sacaya Murata

She always felt she never fitted in with society, but she finds a predictable world in the shop, governed by a manual that tells workers how to act and what to say. She achieves this normality that society expects of her.

Biblioteca Jaume Fuster

Book cover El fotógrafo de Mauthausen by Salva Rubio, Pedro J. Colombo i Aintzane Landa

El fotógrafo de Mauthausen

Salva Rubio, Pedro J. Colombo i Aintzane Landa

Francesc Boix is a young Spanish photographer who, alongside several thousand compatriots, is deported to the Mauthausen Nazi concentration camp: a living death sentence. Until he crosses paths with the SS Head of Department, Ricken.

Biblioteca Poble-sec - Francesc Boix

Book cover El peix número 14 de Jennifer L. Holm

El peix número 14 / The Fourteenth Goldfish

Jennifer L. Holm

The life of Ellie Cruz, aged 12, is turned inside out like a sock when her grandfather, the famous scientist Melvin Sagarsky, turns up at her home, in the guise of a teenager. 

Biblioteca Francesca Bonnemaison

Book cover Així és la vida de Tomi Ungerer

Així és la vida / Ni oui ni non. Réponses à 100 questions philosophiques d'enfants

Tomi Ungerer

Without being condescending, paternalistic or overprotective, Tomi Ungerer’s answers are useful philosophical insights for people of all ages. Especially for adults who have forgotten the curiosity of the child they once were.

Biblioteca Xavier Benguerel

Book cover Jo soc de Raquel Díaz Reguera

Jo soc

Raquel Díaz Reguera

Martí likes a girl. He is very popular at school, but she's odd. He’s good at sports; she’s unique, although she wants to be "normal". It’s difficult being popular, it’s hard being different. And it's good to be oneself.

Biblioteca Nou Barris

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