Architecture in the classroom

The Architects’ Association of Catalonia (COAC) wants to bring architecture closer to education, even more so with the approval of the Architecture Act, which defines architecture as an activity serving the public interest and society. ArquiEscola is an educational programme for primary and secondary schools whereby the COAC is offering teachers a series of resources enabling them to work with pupils on architecture from all angles. The programme is flexible and gets youngsters to focus on their surroundings.

The programme, backed by the Barcelona Education Consortium and the CatalanMinistry of Education is based on three themes: body, habitat and territory. These three themes are tackled from all angles using concepts such as the gender perspective, functional and cultural diversity, sustainability and identities.

During Architecture Week, the intention is to take architecture into more than 50 schools with workshops and talks by architects during class time. Pupils will be able to observe, reflect and do things, with the architecture of our immediate surroundings as the common thread for the activities.

Architecture reaches 4,000 youngsters, courtesy of more than 80 architects. The goal is to give children a new perspective on the spaces that surround us, move us, foster relationships, generate inclusion and which are an expression of the civilisation and culture of our times.

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