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The Smuggler, 2006 i Les Marocains, 2010-2011

Her work centres around the idea of the border. With the multiple meanings this concept has assumed in the modern world, she presents a series of images taken from the video The Smuggler. In them, a woman shows the daily effort she makes to cross the border between Morocco and Ceuta.

Leila Alaoi present a selection of photographs from the series Les marocains. In them she explores the identity of the Moroccan male community. It is notable that traces of tradition are present in the context of daily life. The photographs, taken as static images, contrast with the moving sequence in Barrada, showing the everyday ambience in which men and women perform their different functions.

The Smuggler, 2006 i Les Marocains, 2010-2011


Paris, France, 1982 - Uagadugú, Burkina Faso, 2016

Photographer, video artist and activist. Her work explores the construction of identity, cultural diversity and migration in the Mediterranean. Through it, she expresses social realities through visual language found on the fringes of the documentary and artistic arts.


Paris, France, 1971

French/Moroccan artist, film maker and photographer. Her work explores the social differences that characterise the country where she was born, Morocco, and seek a thread of criticism among the stereotypical images of the reality. At the same time, she questions the political strategies that make it so hard to survive in a fragile and mistreated land. 

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