¿Es este mundo nuestra patria?, 2018

His work titled ¿Es este mundo nuestra patria? (Is this world really our homeland?) is linked to linguistic research into the different migrant communities living side-by-side in Barcelona. What do we know about the different cultures we live alongside? In a direct fashion, Andújar gives visibility to many of the existential contradictions that people put up with when trying to settle somewhere and language becomes as much a tool for non-communication as for communication. 


¿Es este mundo nuestra patria?, 2018


Almoradí, Alicante, 1966

Daniel G. Andújar is a visual artist, activist and theorist on Spanish art. He is the founder of the “Technologies to the people” and “Postcapital” projects, in addition to multiple projects based on criticism of the capitalist system, the media and the rifts that characterise modern societies. 

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