Collage, 2018

She shows how the hallmarks of racism can often be found within some feminist positions, particularly in discrimination by those with certain socio-political and economic privileges. In that regard, it is a criticism that aims to highlight what feminism can do to combat racism, using perspectives related to many modern-day demands. She asserts that feminism will be anti-racist or won’t be.


Collage, 2018

Eulàlia Grau

Barcelona, 1946

Eulàlia Grau is among the pre-eminent artists in one of the most significant periods of change in Catalan and Spanish society. Since the 1970s her work has been focused on promoting a feminist voice and denouncing the capitalist system, which associates well-being with consumption and exploitation. As is often the case, the work uses collage and photomontage to question situations relating to daily and family life. 

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