On the Wall about the Walls, 2018

The work unfolds in the public space through graffiti On the Wall about the Walls, through which he calls for better treatment of migrants and refugees, as established in European and American legislation. The passivity of many governments allows human rights to be neglected. Through simple and direct iconography, it shows how, through mundane means, contemporary society assimilates the structure of a system that does not allow us to talk about equality, making much of the current discrimination invisible.

On the Wall about the Walls, 2018

Dan Perjovschi

Sibiu, Romania, 1961

Dan is a Romanian cartoonist, illustrator, writer, journalist and performance artist. His works feature a combination of drawing, cartoons, outsider art and graffiti. They can be found fleetingly on museum walls and other institutional spaces around the world, but above all in public spaces. In his work, Perjovschi tackles issues of social, political and economic criticism. He has played an important role in Romanian culture as an illustrator and author of articles for the Bucharest magazine Revista 22.

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