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Sueños Refugiados

“Sueños refugiados” [Refugee dreams] is a participatory photography project designed and directed by Héctor Mediavilla, with the participation of eleven young refugees and asylum seekers, carried out in Barcelona over six months in 2017. Osama (Libya), Marina (Syria), Nanthasri and Bruntha (Sri Lanka), Elena (Ukraine), Omo and Mohammed (Somalia), Fahad (Pakistan), Eric (Cameroon), Christian (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and Mayling (Venezuela) used photography, video and collage as tools for personal and collective expression.

The workshop was divided into the following modules:

- Where am I? - Who am I? - Fragments of a life - How do I communicate? 

This project has been selected to receive a subsidy through La Caixa's Art for Change programme.



Sueños Refugiados
Visit exhibition at: 
Fabra i Puig