Un regalo para Kushbu. Historias que cruzan fronteras 

Un regalo para Kushbu. Historias que cruzan fronteras [A present for Kushbu. Stories that cross borders] is the portrait of nine people who have come to Barcelona in search of a better life. They fled Nepal, Niger, Morocco, Uzbekistan, India, Senegal, Afghanistan, Colombia and Nigeria to escape poverty, war and persecution, and when they reached Europe, they have seen their rights infringed by discriminatory and exclusive immigration laws.

Co-published by Barcelona City Council and Astiberri, and produced by the Mescladis foundation and the Al-liquindoi association, with the support of Barcelona Ciutat Refugi, this work depicts these tales of flight as a comic by a  writer and ten artists: Tyto Alba, Cristina Bueno, Miguel Gallardo, Martín López Lam, Andrea Lucio, Susanna Martín, Marcos Prior, Sonia Pulido, Manu Ripoll and Sagar. The creators worked with the protagonists to capture their experiences in a graphic novel which goes a step further in the story and highlights the support that each person has received from people or associations that played a key role in helping them escape exclusion.

For writer and journalist Elvira Lindo, “we need to put a name and a face to those seeking refuge in our country. It is a moral obligation. This is what this graphic novel does, and it grabs us from start to finish. With a script by Gabi Martínez that is both painfully accurate and emotive, and the graphic vision of a group of outstanding artists, we delve into the traumatic events experienced by nine people who, after a treacherous, miserable journey, arrive in the city of Barcelona. Knowing their stories helps us understand them better, welcome them without mistrust, understand that countries, beyond their political borders, are home to human beings, wherever they come from, but especially those in desperate situations.”


“The people who knock at your door asking for help, that could be you, your mother, your children. A present for Kushbu helps us to understand this. Real stories told through excellent drawings.”
Alberto San Juan

“The things that happen to refugees could happen to any of us. These are their stories, but they could also be ours.”
Jordi Évole

“Terrible tales of upheaval, like those my mother still tells me about her childhood during the Spanish Civil War, fleeing from Bilbao with just the clothes she was wearing. It is not a distant reality. No-one is a clandestine refugee by choice.”
Manu Chao

“We were lucky enough to be born here and now, but maybe tomorrow it will be our children or our grandchildren that have to flee and seek refuge. History repeats itself, and if we remember this it helps to prevent it.”
Òscar Camps, Proactiva Open Arms


Un regalo para Kushbu. Historias que cruzan fronteras 
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