Via Laietana
Via Laietana

Via Laietana

We are renewing Via Laietana to make it more pleasant and practical for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport, at the same time providing a boost for local commerce. The pavements will be widened to 4 metres along the entire avenue, boosting connectivity between neighbourhoods and offering more possibilities for people to take a stroll here.


From March 2022 to the middle of 2023


Via Laietana is to become an avenue where pedestrians and sustainable mobility take priority: a greener street, with more commerce and more space to stroll in.

Pavements are to be widened to 4 metres along the whole avenue. Two bus and taxi lanes will be kept in both directions and the avenue will become a cyclable street: a bike lane will be created in the upward direction, separated from the traffic lane, with a shared bus and bike lane in the downward direction.

Improvements will also be made to connections with the Gòtic and Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera neighbourhoods, with more pedestrian crossings. Four large public spaces will be developed along the street: one at the junction between Via Laietana and Carrer de Jonqueres (which will be traffic-calmed), one in Plaça d’Antoni Maura (joining up the Cathedral and the Mercat de Santa Caterina), one in Plaça de l’Àngel, and a new square, Plaça d’Idrissa Diallo.

The first stage of this work will be carried out at two squares: Plaça d’Urquinaona and Plaça d’Antoni Maura. The first step will be to improve service networks below ground. The avenue will then be revamped to make it safer, friendlier and healthier.




PEDESTRIANSshielded and signposted pedestrian crossings will be set up in the work zones in Via Laietana. In C/ Jonqueres, the Llobregat pavement will be narrower, so users are recommended to use the one on the other side of the road.

BUS: the bus services 47, V15, V17, N8 and N28, travelling in the direction of the mountains, will continue to be diverted along Av. Marqués de l'Argentera, Pg. Picasso, Pg. Lluís Companys and Rda. Sant Pere. In the seaward direction, these lines will keep to their usual routes. The number 120 neighbourhood bus stops in Via Laietana will remain unchanged.

VEHICLES: Towards the mountain: closed to vehicle traffic between Pl Antoni Maura and Pl Urquinaona (1). Access to the Post Office from Pl Idrissa Diallo is only available for local residents, services and car park users. Towards the sea: there will be a single bus lane and a single lane for private vehicles. 

Vehicles travelling along Via Laietana and reaching Pl Antoni Maura:

  • Towards the mountain: can only turn towards Av Francesc Cambó (2).
  • Towards the sea: can only continue straight on, along Via Laietana, turn towards Av Francesc Cambó from the left lane of the central road or access Av de la Catedral.

The temporary change of traffic direction along C/ Ortigosa (3) will continue, as will access to C/ Ramon Mas and to the Palau de la Música from C/ Sant Pere Més Alt and C/ Palau de la Música (4).

LOADING AND UNLOADING (DUM):  the existing loading and unloading areas will remain unchanged.

PARKING: car parks can be accessed as usual. Note that, to access the car park on Av Catedral, vehicles will be required to travel along Via Laietana towards the sea. Vehicles travelling towards the mountain will only be able to access the car park on Pl Francesc Cambó.