Barcelona Activa training adapts to the confinement period

Training offered by Barcelona Activa is being adapted to meet the needs of the Covid-19 confinement period, with more online courses to improve people’s digital skills and productivity while working from home. Registrations have tripled, with over 600 every day.

31/03/2020 17:26 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The highest demand is for training relating to the use of digital techniques and working online:

  • Making virtual meetings effective.
  • Use of online platforms.
  • Improving productivity while working online.
  • Getting the best out of social media to gain customers and generate content.
  • Future career tools.

The goal of the new training, which includes free open-access courses for everybody, is to help people make the most of their time at home to build their professional skills.

The agency continues to offer advice, handle queries and give recommendations, and it has also created a map of job-hunting resources.

For more information on available resources, check the Barcelona Activa website.


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