panoràmica barcelona

19/02/2021 - 08:00h

Measures to contain the spread of Covid-19

COVID-19. As from Monday, 8 February, mobility is permitted within the county and hospitality establishments will be able to extend their opening hours.


24/02/2021 - 14:33h

Balance of accidents in Barcelona in 2020

Safety and prevention. Traffic accidents were reduced by 38% in 2020.

24/02/2021 - 13:18h

Eleven organisations recognised at the Citizens’ Agora for their commitment to social inclusion

Inclusion. The ceremony is organised by the Citizens’ Agreement for an Inclusive Barcelona.

24/02/2021 - 17:04h

Field work gets under way for the Barcelona Health Survey 2021

Health. Conducted every five years, the survey is a key tool for planning health policies.

23/02/2021 - 16:14h

Thirty million euros to be invested in local projects in the districts

City Council. Resulting from the budget agreement signed by the governing groups and the ERC.

Living healthily

Check out all the information on the health services, facilities and resources available in Barcelona.

A group of people in an industrial building assembling cardboard boxes.

Social and solidarity economy

The City Council is fostering and promoting the Social and Solidarity Economy with resources that include training, support, economic aid, responsible public procurement and the allocation of venues and materials. Find out all about it!

Pre-enrolment for the 2020-2021 school year

Consult the pre-enrolment calendar for the 2021-2022 school year for second-year infants, primary, secondary and post-compulsory school education.

Two girls talk sitting down

Imatges Barcelona

The City Council is making its contemporary photographic collection, featuring over four thousand pictures of Barcelona, available to the public. The Imatges Barcelona portal includes unpublished photos of Barcelona taken during the lockdown and the lockdown-exit process caused by the Covid-19 crisis.

Enjoy Montjuïc Park

Montjuïc mountain is a big green space in Barcelona offering everyone sports, leisure and cultural facilities. Discover the park and enjoy it!

Two people run in a park

Enjoy the parks

The city’s parks and gardens transform it into a living, breathing space. You’ll find them all here. Explore and enjoy them!

A couple at the Blue Museum

Take part in the 2020-2023 Science Plan

The City Council is promoting an adaptation of the Science Plan to meet the current pandemic context. Submit your proposal and get involved in the plan’s revision process.

Two female experts in gender violence giving a young woman information at a BCN Antimasclista Stand

Assistance against gender violence

Find out about all the free and confidential prevention and assistance services available to women in a gender-violence situation. 

Discover Barcelona

Step into the city’s districts and neighbourhoods, and enjoy its attractions: urban areas, cultural and architectural heritage, nature areas, leisure, study centres or museums.

A cyclist riding along a bike lane

Mobility and transport

Find out what services are available to help you get around the city and discover how mobility is changing in Barcelona and becoming healthier, safer, more sustainable and better-connected. 

A more productive and inclusive 22@

The 22@ project is being driven by an urban renewal proposal which maintains its dynamism and economic potential. Find out more at the new 22@ office!


A young person and an adviser talking at an academic-advice centre for young people

Get informed

Fancy discovering your available academic itineraries and best training options? You have until 25 March to take part in the “Get In-formed” programme’s activities.

Castellers de Barcelona perfoming at plaça Sant Jaume

Traditions and memory

Discover Barcelona’s traditions, popular culture and enchanting spots, as well as initiatives and programmes to preserve the memory of our past. 

A woman working in front of a computer

Working in Barcelona

Discover the tools being offered by the city for promoting employment, business care and entrepreneurship.Working in Barcelona.

Protegim les escoles [We’re protecting schools]

A Barcelona City Council project for transforming school environments and turning them into safe, healthy and less-polluting spaces.

Panoramic view of Barcelona

Neighbourhood Plan

Programme aimed at reducing inequalities between Barcelona neighbourhoods, backing access to income, services, urban quality and welfare.

Barcelona LGBTI Centre’s façade

Barcelona LGBTI Centre

This is a pioneering municipal service run by the Catalan LGBTI Organisations Platform, offering an extensive range of information, guidance, direct-assistance and awareness-raising services. Check out the on-site and virtual agenda!

Operator working in a mobile green point

Waste management

All you need to know about managing waste and helping to make the city more sustainable.

Barcelona Llibres

Barcelona City Council offers a catalogue of free downloadable publications for you to enjoy during the time you have to stay at home because of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Two young women buy vegetables outside a shop.

Women and Feminisms

Find out about women’s support services and the resources available to combat discrimination and sexist violence and promote gender equality.