A shopkeeper speaking to a woman by the door of a children’s clothes shop.

Local commerce

Get all the information you'll need for enjoying local commerce and discover the great range of initiatives in the city's districts. Tapas itineraries, visits to unique establishments, exhibition fairs, street shops and plenty more.

Sustainable trade

Find out about Barcelona’s wide range of sustainable food offers for boosting responsible consumption. Discover too the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability, signed by over sixty municipal trade organisations and professionals to promote sustainable consumption in the city.

The commercial areas

In Barcelona there are 40 commercial areas that combine tradition, proximity and innovation, where you can stroll, shop, eat and enjoy leisure activities. Find your nearest shopping hub.  

Shopping Hubs. Commerce

Clothing stall in a street market

Open-air markets

Discover the wide range of street markets and fairs that take place in Barcelona’s neighbourhoods.


Street markets. Meet Barcelona

People waiting, seated in one of the Responsible Consumption Centre’s room

Consumer care and assistance

The Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC) is expanding its services and resources with the creation of its Responsible Consumption Space.

Municipal Consumer Information Office (ES)

Street market ambience

Shopping agenda

Find out the events relating to commerce in the city and check the business hours.

Woman in an antique shop

Speciality markets

Want to buy or sell second hand goods? In Barcelona there are various markets where you can do so, like the Mercat Dominical de Sant Antoni book and video game fair, or the auctions at the Mercat dels Encants Barcelona - Fira de Bellcaire.

Window display of an old-fashioned drink shop

Shops to discover

Barcelona has more than 32.000 shops spread among all its districts and neighbourhoods. Discover them.

Commercial amenities

Locate the city's main commercial facilities on this map: municipal markets, trade fairs, galeries and shopping centres and specialist establishments.

Map of commercial amenities

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Blogoteca A comprar EN

The blog centre

Want to know what else is on the Internet? We have compiled a collection of websites and blogs to help you make the most of the city.

Raval commerce

Shop in Raval and build the neighbourhood! Look for what you need on the new commerce website.

Sant Pere i Santa Caterina commerce

Shop in Sant Pere i Santa Caterina and build the neighbourhood! Look for what you need on the new commerce website.

Customer Champion

A pioneering figure whose goal is to help to establish a culture aimed at satisfying retailers and customers. [Es]

Opcions de consum

Online magazine specialising in responsible consumption and detailing alternatives for more sustainable living. [Es]

Amics de la rambla

Association of Friends, Neighbours and Traders of La Rambla and Plaça de Catalunya. [Ca]

Barna centre

The Gothic Quarter commercial area.

Amigos del Paseo de Gracia

Paseo de Gracia's commerce and neighborhood association.

Carrer de sants

Main commercial street in the Sants neighbourhood. [Ca]

Cor d'horta

El Cor d'Horta commercial area. [Es]


Association of Retail Traders and Professionals of the Right Eixample District [Es]

Eix clot

Clot and Camp de l'Arpa Commercial area. [Es]

Eix raval

El Raval commercial area. [Ca]

Eix Gran de Gràcia

Gran de Gràcia Retailers and Traders Association. [Ca]

Eix maragall

Eix Maragal Traders and Professionals Assocaitation

Sagrada família

Sagrada Família commercial area. [Ca]

Sant andreu

Sant Andreu commercial area. [Es]

Eix nou barris

Nou Barris commercial area. [Es]


Consortium of Trades, Craft and Fashion of Catalonia. [Ca]

Sant antoni

Sant Antoni Traders' Association. [Es]

Sant martí

Sant Martí commercial area. [Es]

Fundació barcelona comerç

All the commercial areas on the city. [Ca]

Sants-les corts

Sants and Les Corts commercial area. [Ca]

L'eix de sarrià

Sarrià commercial area. [Es]


Poblenou commercial area. [Ca]

Mercats setmanals

List of weekly markets held in Catalonia. [Ca]

Mercadillo semanal

Discover all the markets held in mainland Spain. [Es]

Time out botigues

The definitive list of where to shop in Barcelona.

Bcn tiendas

Search engine for the city's shops that appear In the tourist guides.

Outlet barcelona

The city's outlet stores classified by sector. [Es]

Dolce city

List of places to shop divided into sections. [Es]


Municipal Office of Information to the Consumer.


An online showcase featuring new developments in Barcelona's shop-windows. [Es]