Environment and sustainability

Waste management

Recycling containers on a Barcelona street.

Each type of waste has its place

Use the search engine to find the best place to discard all types of waste and locate the waste containers around the city.

Girl leaving wooden kitchenware in the recycling bins

Junk and old furniture disposal

Use the Barcelona disposal of junk and old furniture service: it is a free weekly service. Look up the day and time that corresponds to your street.

A recycling-centre worker helps someone who is bringing clothes to a recycling container.

Clothing exchange and recycling

Recycle your clothes in Roba Amiga's orange containers, or take part in our municipal clothing-exchange programmes and help to foster responsible consumerism and prevent waste.

A recycling-centre worker.

Other waste

Around the city, you’ll also find disposal points for materials like debris, asbestos cement and plant waste.

Dog walking in a park

Dead animals

The immediate disposal of dead animals (dogs, cats, pigeons) that are in the street or in a private home is a service addressed to both residents and companies. Find out how it works.

Operador treballant en un punt verd mòbil

Green points

Household Waste and Recycling Centres (green points) are where waste is taken that must not be thrown away in the containers in the street. Locate green points and find out about the different types that exist: Green point of zone, Green point of neighbourhood, mobile Green point, and mobile Green school and electric point. 

What is a Green point? Urban ecology

Organic waste

The City Council is launching an awareness-raising campaign, as part of the “Zero Waste” initiative, to improve organic-waste collection in Barcelona’s neighbourhoods.

Organic waste. Urban ecology

A recycling-centre worker classifies waste products. Open video Barcelona, zero waste

Barcelona, zero waste

Barcelona is committed waste prevention, reducing waste generation, reusing waste and selective-waste collection. Find out all about it.


View of Barcelona with a heavily polluted sky.

Air quality

Barcelona has a network of pollutant monitoring stations, which enable you to consult the air quality in your immediate surroundings, in real-time. Look them up on the air quality map.

A street-lit road in Barcelona

Energia Barcelona

Web portal containing information about how we can save energy, contract it or generate our own, to progress towards a more sustainable energy model. Find out about Barcelona Energia too, the publicly owned metropolitan electricity distributor which will be extending its services to citizens in 2019.

A cyclist riding along a bike lane

Mobility and transport

Find out what services are available to help you get around the city and discover how mobility is changing in Barcelona and becoming healthier, safer, more sustainable and better-connected.

Panoramic view of Barcelona Open video Barcelona for Climate

Barcelona for Climate

Discover the projects, policies and initiatives being implemented in Barcelona for combating and responding to the effects of climate change.

Pedestrian crossing with people crossing

Measure your exposure to noise

On the Strategic Noise Map, you can check out your noise exposure levels according to the acoustic situation of your street.  

Strategic noise map. Urban ecology

Row of bicycles parked in a street parking point

+Sustainable Barcelona Map

Check out the initiatives under way in Barcelona to make the city more sustainable. Want to help?

Mapa de la Barcelona + sostenible

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