Two young women buy vegetables outside a shop.

Women and feminisms

Find out about women’s support services and the resources available to fight gender inequality, sexism, sexist discrimination and violence, as well as the promotion of gender equality.

Sexual and gender diversity

Find out about services for the LGBTI community, as well as the resources available to fight discrimination, foster respect for sexual and gender diversity and combat LGBTI-phobia. Discover the LGBTI Centre, a pioneering facility offering information, advice and direct support.

Refuge City

Barcelona has been taking part in the reception of refugees and asylum seekers since day one, integrating them into its neighbourhoods and their daily social and cultural life. Find out more.

City of Refuge. Barcelona City Council

Recently arrived father and son on the Rambla del Raval


Discover the new residents and legal advice programmes for people that have recently arrived in Barcelona. 

Office for Non-Discrimination

Office for Non-Discrimination (OND)

A human-rights defence service you can turn to if you are experiencing or have experienced any form of discrimination or hate crime, especially on the grounds of origins, cultural or religious affiliation, sexual orientation or gender identity. In addition, it also offers training programmes and resources on equal rights.

Office for Non-Discrimination (OND). Barcelona City Council

Two women and two children walking along a street

Office of Religious Affairs (OAR)

An office that provides advice on religious communities, training, mediation and information on the spaces and services that Barcelona’s various religious groups offer.

Office of Religious Affairs (OAR). Barcelona City Council

Anti-rumour Network

A collaborative initiative for debunking rumours and stereotypes that create problems for positive community life.

BCN Anti-rumour. Barcelona City Council [Es]

Drawings by children of different cultures

Barcelona, city of rights

Get to know the city organisations that promote and defend your rights and can help you if you find yourself facing discrimination on the grounds of religion, race or sexual orientation.

Citizen Rights and Diversity. Barcelona City Council

Kids of different nationalities jumping and laughing in a park


In Barcelona we live with different traditions, cultures and languages. The BCN Interculturality Programme is a municipal crosscutting proposal to address and understand harmonious coexistence in diversity.

A group of children and their monitor in Tibidabo

Guides to inclusive and non-sexist communication

The City Council offers citizens guides to inclusive and non-sexist communication with an intercultural perspective, giving visibility to the city’s plurality and diversity. Find out more! 

Arab girl in a library looking at books

Municipal Immigration Council

The Barcelona Municipal Immigration Council works to achieve effective integration of immigrants in Barcelona.

Barcelona Municipal Immigration Council

Group of gypsy people talking

Municipal Council of Roma People

The Municipal Council of Roma People fights discrimination and sees to improving the well-being and quality of life of this collective.

Municipal Council of Roma People

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Blogoteca Amb Diversitat EN

The blog centre

Want to know what else is on the Internet? We have compiled a collection of websites and blogs to help you make the most of the city.

Rainbow Cities

Barcelona is part of the Rainbow Cities network, an organisation of cities that aims to exchange experiences on LGTBI policies.

Casal Lambda

Non-profit association centre that aims to normalise homosexuality. [Ca]

Map of feminist organisation

Map that contains a good number of the feminist and women’s organisations and groups working for gender equality in the city

Ca la Dona

A space for meeting and relating to other people, open to participation and to all feminisme proposals. [Ca]

Sos racisme

Defence of human rights, equality and equal opportunities. [Ca]

Solidarity Cities

A network of European cities for jointly managing the refugee crisis

Enllaç Foundation

Aims to protect the assets and environment of LGTB individuals in situation of vulnerability and dependence. [Ca]

Secretariado gitano

Social association for the development of the Gypsy Community. [Es]


Federation of Gypsy Associations of Catalonia. [Es]


Pride Festival in Barcelona.


Catalan Association for the Integration of Homosexual, Bisexual and Transsexual Immigrants. [Es]