Elderly people

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Check the health services for the elderly and engage in physical exercise at sports centres and outdoor circuits.

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Targeta Rosa (Pink Card)

The Pink Card is a subsidy programme by the City Council, aimed at people aged 60 and over, and people with disabilities, who have limited resources. The card gives you access to the city’s public transport network and invites you to enjoy free entry or reduced rates at the city’s facilities, establishments and associations.

Pink Card benefits and services [Es]


Lifelong learning programmes offer you all kinds of courses, in which you can study a broad range of subjects. You can also access Barcelona University’s University of Experience, which offers a range of programmes and I.T. courses, including a foundation programme on how to use the Internet.

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Living with peace of mind

Here you’ll find services and resources to make daily life easier for elderly people in Barcelona: residential care facilities, teleasssistence, adapted or supervised housing, day centres, home care, etc. Living with peace of mind directly affects the mental and physical health of all citizens, especially elderly people.

Find out information

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Social service centres

Social service centres are information and guidance points for citizens in difficult situations that can affect elderly people and their families. They are also the place to request different grants and subsidies, such as home care and teleassistance, meal delivery services and financial benefits, among others. Look up your nearest social services centre.

Social services centres [Es]

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The Barcelona Advisory Council for the Elderly (CAGG), formed of elderly men and women, works to promote active and healthy ageing for people, to improve their wellbeing and build a city for people of all ages. It also promotes debates, projects and agreements regarding the situation of elderly people.

Barcelona Advisory Council for the Elderly [Es]

Open video Emotional Health

Emotional Health

Website offering online activities and resources for improving citizens’ mental and emotional health and managing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cabàs emocional [Es]. Health

Barcelona against loneliness

Check out this webpage offering information and resources on loneliness, a global problem regarded as one of the great pandemics of the 21st century. You will find municipal programmes and services there for combating it.

Barcelona against loneliness [Es]

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‘Casals’ and centres

In the city’s casals and elderly people’s centres, you’ll find all types of activities: courses, talks, walks and memory training workshops, among others. Find your nearest casal.

Information and list of ‘casals’. Elderly people [Es]

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