Teenagers and young people

Girl reading a leaflet at a Youth Information Point

Youth information

Check out the information services for young people and teenagers available in municipal facilities, offering you guidance, advice and help to clear up any queries you may have.

Two young people’s hands writing things they like and things they don’t like on cards.

Psychological advice and support

If you’re between 12 and 22 there’s a service which offers you a listening ear, guidance for your personal and emotional growth and psychological support to respond to anything unsettling you. Information, training and support is also available for teenagers’ families.

Group of girls in the mountains

Health and sexuality

Find out about the centres where you will find confidential advice and help in a range of areas such as sexuality, HIV and AIDS, gender violence, mental Health and drugs, to name but a few. If you have any queries, our experts can offer you advice, guidance and support.

A girl sat in a square typing on a mobile phone.

Resources to combat sexist violence

SARA Jove will provide you with support, advice and options on how to act in response to and deal with a gender-violence situation. If you are between the ages of 12 and 21 and find yourself in an abusive power relationship, you can turn to SAH Jove, where you will be helped to achieve positive, healthy and violence-free affective relationships.

Two girls looking at an exhibition

Culture and leisure

Barcelona programmes an intense cultural calendar that includes events, series and festivals featuring all artistic disciplines: theatre, dance, music, cinema, fine arts and literature, among others. Discover the discounts and promotions available, and enjoy the city’s cultural and recreational activities to the max!

Culture and leisure. Young people [Es]


Are you looking for work? Are you clear on the steps to follow to start looking for a job? Take part in the activities offered by Barcelona Treball Youth Programme, boost your professional profile, and make the most of the resources and opportunities to work in your city.

Volunteers in a meeting

Participation, associations and volunteering

Do you want to collaborate in solidarity projects? Look up the associations at which you can volunteer. Become a member of a youth association and participate in social, environmental and cultural projects.

Group of children and young people running

‘Casals’ and centres

Meeting points that offer you support for your concerns and enable you to get to know other young people in your neighbourhood. What’s more, at the casals and centres, you’ll find an activities programme that invites you to enjoy concerts, workshops, performances, exhibitions, and more.

Couple with a backpack about to arrive at a train station

Stays abroad

Want to go abroad to study, work or volunteer? The Barcelona Youth Information Points (PIJ) offer you tools, resources and advice on how to make your project a reality and can help you undertake this exciting journey.

Group of girls skating and doing a choreographed routine


Discover all the options and opportunities Barcelona offers you for doing sport or joining a sports group.

Two young people are informed about their study options at the 2023 education fair.


Check the resources for accessing housing: grants available, advice on shared housing, flat-searching and more.

Un joven en el comedor de su casa mira el móvil


Check the resources for accessing housing: grants available, advice on shared housing, flat-searching and more.

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