Bathing and beaches

View of a beach with palm trees and a group of people playing volleyball

Bathing season

Look up the swimming season calendar for Barcelona’s beaches and the services available during the busiest months. 

A family wave at an aeroplane as they sit on the beach

Barcelona beach by beach

Find out about Barcelona’s various beaches, where they are, the facilities and services they offer, and any other information you need to choose the most suitable one.

Open video Smoke-free beaches

Smoke-free beaches

Barcelona City Council is due to run a pilot test that seeks to promote healthier recreational areas with a view to protecting people’s health and the environment. The “Smoke-free beaches” initiative is set to be piloted on the Sant Miquel, Somorrostro, Nova Icària and Nova Mar Bella beaches during the upcoming bathing season.

Group of people with reduced mobility using chairs adapted for swimming at the beach


Barcelona’s beaches are designed to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility. What’s more, some beaches also offer bathing assistance services. Learn more.

Beach Centre

Gen up on the activities and free services offered by the Beach Centre, the Barcelona coastline information centre.

Beaches as a natural space

Did you know that there is an artificial reef park submerged in front of Barcelona’s beaches? Find out about the seabed of the Barcelona coastline and the organisms that live there.

Llevant beach area for city residents with dogs.

Area for city residents with dogs

Check out all the information on the area for city residents with dogs established during the high season at Barcelona’s Llevant beach.

Historic beaches of Barcelona

History of the beaches

Discover how the sea has influenced Barcelona’s development: as the gateway to new cultures, as a trade route, and as a public recreation and culture hub since the 19th century.

Look-out point on the beach

Bathing safely

Look up recommendations and good practices to enjoy the beaches and bathe safely: lifeguard services, first aid posts, leisure spaces and much more.

Beaches without waste

This summer, the Zero Waste strategy is incorporated into the environmental policy of the beaches, with the use of the returnable glass given out at the beach bars.


Urban bathing areas

In addition to the beach, you’ll also find other public spaces equipped as urban bathing areas. Enjoy them!


A 375-metre, completely accessible sandless beach.

Water sports in the designated area of the Parc del Forum

Can Dragó

An enormous artificial lake, with a large grassy resting area.

Can Dragó lake

Municipal swimming pools

Barcelona has a dozen municipal sports facilities with outdoor swimming pools that are open over the summer.

Sant Sebastià Municipal Sports Centre

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