Llevant beach dog area

Llevant beach dog area

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Latest update: 28/05/2023 22:00 - SMC Spanish State's Ports

Bathing area for dogs on Levante beach
Access area for citizens with dogs
Access area for citizens with dogs
Access area for citizens with dogs
Access area for citizens with dogs
Access area for citizens with dogs
Access area for citizens with dogs
Access area for citizens with dogs
Access area for citizens with dogs
Access area for citizens with dogs
Sant Martí
7% of Levante beach available
Enclosed area within Llevant beach next to the Rambla de Prim breakwater.

Getting there

Smoke-free beach

There will be a fenced-off area in the northern part of Llevant beach during the high season, where people can walk their dogs. The dog-friendly area on Llevant beach will be in force during the high season, from 27 May to 11 September.

Given the results and warm reception of the two pilot tests carried out during the summers of 2016 and 2017, this Decree provides final approval for permanently establishing this access space for citizens with dogs at Llevant beach, and allows it to be set up every year during the high bathing season. Barcelona is always committed to positive coexistence between people and pets, out of respect for animal rights.


The access space for citizens with dogs offers the following services:

The dog beach is a space physically separated from the rest of Llevant beach, with perimeter fences reaching the shore and breakwater areas, to prevent dogs from getting out. The beach opens from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm.

A Monday-to-Sunday information service, with two environmental information officers, who will be carrying out access-control work, given that only dogs with identification microchips can access the area, performing monitoring work, distributing waste-collection bags and information to users, both at the information point and the beach's access points, so that users with dogs can follow the established route to the area's entrance, to ensure the area is smoothly run.

Manual cleaning service for both the space and its access points, which includes the emptying out of bins and machine cleaning by sifting sand at night with a tractor, down to a depth of roughly 8 cm, as on the other beaches, and 30-cm-deep sand sifting, when determined by contingency criteria.

Water and sand quality-control service, which is carried out by the Public Health Agency (ASPB). Water control as established under Directive 2007/EC; on controlling the quality of water and sand, has seen the establishment of a contingency protocol with the ASPB which includes a package of sand maintenance and cleaning initiatives depending on the analytical control results.

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Urban furniture adapted for users and dogs:

- Drinking fountain or drinking trough adapted to a all kinds of dogs (large and small)
- Shower for dogs
- Urban-dog urinals, with a filtering plastic base
- Two showers for people with a bench for resting

For easy access to the area, the existing walkway leading to the access gate for the dog area is being maintained, duly signposted at the entrance and the access ramp to the area.

You are reminded that dogs are still banned from other areas of the Barcelona shoreline during the bathing season, except for guide dogs, which are always allowed on the beach.

Getting there on public transport is easy, whether by metro (Selva de Mar or El Maresme / Fòrum stops), by bus (V27 and H16 services) or on the tram (line 4, Selva de Mar and El Maresme stops). You can also get to the adjacent Nova Mar Bella beach by bike, as the seafront has a bike lane, and there are as many as four Bicing stations (Es) near the beach (Passeig Marítim de la Mar Bella; Passeig de Garcia Fària, 37 / Josep Ferrater; Passeig del Taulat, 188, and Passeig del Taulat, 238).

All users can access and enjoy the dog area at the Llevant beach, particularly those with some sort of limited mobility. The beach offers reserved parking spaces with accessible routes onto the sand, signage and visual and tactile information, adapted toilets, wooden walkways as far as the water and adapted showers with seats. The beach is also served by adapted public transport, making for easier access.

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