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Group of people in a meeting room

Caring City

Barcelona backs the democratisation and social recognition of care work and haçs opened Barcelona Cuida, a centre promoting networking and exchanges between people involved in care in the city. Find out more!

A family in a park lying on the grass under flowering trees

Commitment to the Agenda 2030

Find out about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the environmental, social, economic and institutional fields and get involved.

Decidim Barcelona

Discover Barcelona City Council’s digital participatory platform to build a more democratic city. Enter, take part and decide.

A woman watering plants on a flat’s terrace Open video Be a part of the Climate Plan

Be a part of the Climate Plan

Find out about all the things you can do to combat climate change and become familiar with Barcelona’s climate emergency declaration so we can tackle the main challenges.

People buying and selling in a farmers' market.

Social and solidarity economy

Find out about and take part in organisations and initiatives that are helping to create a social and solidarity economy in Barcelona. Keep up to date with what's going on!

Panoramic view of Barcelona

Neighbourhood Plan

Programme aimed at reducing inequalities between Barcelona neighbourhoods, backing access to income, services, urban quality and welfare.

A group of women with functional diversities in a dance workshop

Inclusive-communication guide

Consult this guide, which is published by Barcelona City Council, for promoting inclusive communication and language reflecting the diversity of society.

Poster announcing the Radars project


Do your bit as a good neighbour during the health crisis through this project to combat isolation and the risk of social exclusion among elderly people living alone.

A group of girls sitting in the entrance to a metro station

‘Guide on the use of non-sexist language’

Published by Barcelona City Council, this guide is a decalogue for improving the visibility of women in everyday communication and breaking down stereotypes which foster inequalities between people.

Row of bicycles parked in a street parking point

+Sustainable Barcelona Map

Check out the initiatives under way in Barcelona to make the city more sustainable. Want to help?

Father and child refugees walking along a sand path

Barcelona, refuge city

The "Barcelona, Refuge City" Plan aims to respond to the refugee crisis and prepare the city for welcoming in and attending to refugees while permanently ensuring their rights.

Barcelona, Digital City

Discover the digital transformation, innovation and empowerment projects that the City Council is promoting, to put new technologies at the service of the people and make them accessible to everyone.

Open video Estimat Diari

Estimat Diari

Collective city diary where children expressed their feelings and experiences during their weeks of confinement while the Covid-19 virus crisis continues. Check it out!

View of Barcelona with the sea on the background

“Lockdown Memories”

Get involved in this virtual space with personal accounts in the form of texts, photos, videos and audio files, to create an archive about the lockdown.

Barcelona's view

Barcelona Recorda

Take part in this virtual collective book of condolences to share experiences relating to the illness caused by coronavirus.

Barcelona, global city

Find out about the projects, agreements, town twinnings and initiatives that Barcelona is backing under the framework of strategy for international cooperation and relations.

Outside of the old La Model prison

La Model’s transformation

Find out all about the participatory process for the consensual decision to be taken with local residents and associations on the final uses and facilities that the space and grounds of the former La Model prison will be given.

Group of people inside the InnoBA building


InnoBA is a Barcelona Activa facility offering activities, specialist services, research, training, opportunities for experimentation and project incubation, all within the sphere of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) and socioeconomic innovation.

Open data

Information on the public sector open to all citizens and in digital format, to promote its reuse. 

 Exterior view of the Ca l'Alier building

Ca l’Alier

Come and discover Barcelona’s new urban innovation centre, which promotes collective initiatives for fostering a more sustainable city and improving the quality of life of its people.

Young Pakistani in a library Open video #AturemRumors


A campaign supported by over a hundred organisations for fighting against stereotypes and rumours in Barcelona. Come and join it!

Innovate and create

Look up collective creation, innovation, research and talent development projects and take part in them.

Photo: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Art factories

Explore the spaces that invite you to strengthen your creativity.

Art Factories
Photo: A. Nalda

Creative Research Park

The new facility for the city’s entrepreneurs and creators offers programmes for vocational training, business-creation support and digital literacy.


Ca l’Alier

Barcelona Urban Innovation Centre.

Ca l'Alier. BIT Habitat


Barcelona Activa's new Socio-Economic Innovation Centre.

Photo: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Fostering Arts and Design (FAD)

Benchmark association for design and architecture, offering specific programmes for professionals, businesses and students.

Photo: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Mobile World Capital

MWCapital is consolidating Barcelona as a benchmark city for new mobile tecnologies.

Mobile World Capital

Open data

Information on the public sector open to all citizens and in digital format, to promote its reuse.

Open data

Barcelona WiFi

An extensive public network of WiFi hotspots to give citizens access to the internet.

Barcelona WiFi (CA)

Barcelona Big Data CoE

Centre of Excellence and Innovation on big data at the service of authorities, professionals and businesses.

Barcelona Big Data CoE
Photo: P. de Grenet

Barcelona Digital City

The city's roadmap to drive technological sovereignty for citizens.

Barcelona Digital City

BCN Producció

Platform for visual art creators who have a link with Barcelona.

BCN Producció
Photo: P. de Grenet


An initiative for promoting social projects that use mobile technology.


Transform it

Discover collaborative social innovation projects to transform your surroundings in a sustainable way.

Photo: P. de Grenet

La Fàbrica del Sol

Exchange ideas and advance along the path to sustainability.

La Fàbrica del Sol
Photo: P. de Grenet

City allotments

Contribute to caring for the environment by cultivating vegetables.

City allotments
Photo: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Urban-resilience roundtables

Public-private coordination space for responding to emergency situations.

Roundtables (ES)
Photo: P. de Grenet

Buits plan

Get involved in the management of empty spaces and help make them part of the city.

Photo: P. de Grenet

Sustainable Barcelona

Find sustainability initiatives around the city.

+ Sustainable Barcelona Map (CAT)
Photo: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Barcelona Energia

Web portal containing information about how we can save energy, sign up or generate our own, to progress towards a more sustainable energy model.

Barcelona Energia
Photo: Ajuntament de Barcelona


Urban units that are larger than a block of houses but smaller than a neighbourhood, for regenerating public spaces and promoting sustainability and social cohesion.

Superilles (ES)
Photo: P. de Grenet

Transformation of Glòries

Find out about the transformation process at Pl. Glòries and its environs.

Les Glòries

La Meridiana’s transformation

Find out and take part in this avenue’s transformation process to make it a more people-friendly thoroughfare.

Meridiana (CAT)

Participate and get involved

Discover the world of associations, learn about the participation spaces and get involved in initiatives to build an inclusive and cohesive Barcelona.

Photo: Barcelona City Council

Citizen participation

Discover the citizen-participation channels for promoting, debating and co-producing municipal policies.

Citizen Participation

Decidim Barcelona

Barcelona’s participatory platform.

Decidim Barcelona (ES)
Photo: Raül Clemente

Barcelona, refuge city

Collaborate in building a city that safeguards the rights of refugees.

Barcelona, refuge city
Photo: P. de Grenet

Civic Centres

Locate your civic centre, be part of it and immerse yourself in culture.

Civic Centres
Photo: P. de Grenet


Explore the Barcelona Library Network: enjoy it and take part.

Barcelona Library Network
Photo: P. de Grenet


Get to know the associations around the city and find your collective.

Associations. Barcelona Guide
Photo: P. de Grenet

Agenda 21

Join Barcelona’s Citizen Commitment to Sustainability.

Agenda 21 (CAT)
Photo: P. de Grenet


A community action project that aims to reduce the risk of isolation among elderly people. Take part in it!

Radars Project (ES)
Photo: P. de Grenet


Explore the full range of opportunities to become a volunteer in Barcelona.

Become a volunteer / Search engine (CAT)
Photo: P. de Grenet

Anti-rumour Network

A collaborative initiative for debunking rumours and stereotypes that create problems for positive community life.

BCN Anti-rumour (ES)
Photo: P. de Grenet

Round Table for Third-Sector Associations

An institution that represents all Catalan social organisations.

Round Table for Third-Sector

Local neighbourhood centres

Take part in the local neighbourhood centre and make it grow through exchanges, volunteering and collaboration.

Local neighbourhood centres (ES)

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Blogoteca Crea-la EN

The blog centre

Want to know what else is on the Internet? We have compiled a collection of websites and blogs to help you make the most of the city.


A European project for enabling the public to reclaim public data and promoting its use for the common good.


Barcelona cooperative cultural centre fostering and promoting the social and solidarity economy in the city. (CAT)


Work cooperative with alternatives for people working as unauthorised street hawkers.

Social digital innovation

A collaborative network that develops digital solutions in response to social challenges.


Responsible consumerism and Solidarity Economy options in your area, with the “Pam a Pam” collaborative map, a SETEM and Solidarity Economy Network initiative. (ES)

Pont Alimentari

A project for reducing food waste. (CAT)

Third sector map

Catalan social organisations map. (CAT)

Electronics Watch

An observatory that works to improve employment conditions in the electronics industry.

Voices and music for integration

A social project whose activities show music’s capacity to integrate. (CAT)


A project for socially integrating children and teenagers through music training. (ES)

Calabria 66

This is a project that aims to create synergies between the various areas promoting the Sant Antoni neighbourhood’s citizen network. (CAT)


A centre for artistic research and production that provides creators with support at every stage of a project.

Murs Lliures

Is legally authorised to manage public spaces so artists can paint their works on Barcelona’s exposed walls.


All information related to start-ups and events to present projects. (ES)

Mob barcelona

Site for work, events and presentations for entrepreneurs.

Meet bcn

Blog containing information for new entrepreneurs and people interested in coworking. (CAT)

Barceloneta Community Plan

Community work initiative to improve the quality of life in the neighbourhood.(CAT)

Energía sostenible

Learn more about sustainability, and energy efficiency and development. (ES)


Launch your project through crowdfunding.

Website with the latest news and updates on the social sector, and calendar of conferences and workshops in this field. (CAT)

Voluntariat lleng.

Initiative to practice Catalan through conversation and language partners. (CAT)

Banc dels aliments

Want to collaborate with the Food Bank? Check out its initiatives. (ES)


Non-profit organisation working to combat food waste and helping empower people at risk of social exclusion. (ES)


Meeting point for volunteer associations and citizens. (CAT)

Banc del temps

Find the time bank nearest to you. (ES)


Collaborative-economy app for sharing items, meeting local neighbours, promoting responsible consumption and caring for the environment. (ES)

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