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Imatges Barcelona

The City Council offers citizens its current photographic archive, with thousands of images of Barcelona. The Barcelona Images site includes various galleries by subject: popular culture, the effects of Covid-19, public spaces and much more.


Parc del Laberint d'Horta

Discover Barcelona

Step into the city’s districts and neighbourhoods, and enjoy its attractions. Make the most of all Barcelona has to offer: urban areas, cultural and architectural heritage, nature areas, leisure, study centres, museums, recommendations on where to go shopping or practice sports, and much more.

Barcelona’s popular culture

Giants, human castles (castellers), craft markets, fairs... Check out the calendar of the most deeply rooted popular and traditional acts, learn about the manifestations of popular culture and search the entities involved.  

Some people walking through Ciutadella park

La Ciutadella Knowledge Hub

Scientific and urban development project that will turn the Parc de la Ciutadella and its surroundings into a leading European hub for knowledge, dissemination, research and innovation.

Cover of issue number 109 of the Barcelona Metròpolis magazine

‘Barcelona Metròpolis’

This magazine provides a voice for reflection and debate on the challenges of the global city and urban transformations which affect the lives of local people.

Information pedestal installed in front of Via Laietana nº. 43, recalling the Franco dictatorship’s repression.

Democratic memory map

An interactive map showing important sites for Barcelona’s democratic memory which feature signs in public spaces explaining episodes linked to the struggle for freedom and equality.

Patio of the Sant Agustí convent at night with red lights

Charming corners

Many of Barcelona's neighbourhoods still preserve the spirit of the past in squares, cloisters and passages. Discover the city’s main charming spots.

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Sala Ciutat

Sala Ciutat is a bookshop specialising in publications on the city of Barcelona. Come along and visit it!

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Blogoteca Coneix-la EN Know it

The blog centre

Want to know what else is on the Internet? We have compiled a collection of websites and blogs to help you make the most of the city.

Memòria bcn

Routes around the city's districts to discover Barcelona's history in the 20th century.

What was there

Geolocalized old photos of the city.

Altres barcelones

Travel through Barcelona's history by walking its streets. [Ca]

Barcelona Photos

Collection of comparative photos of the city, historical notes, documents and old pictures.


Reviving city spaces that have disappeared. [Ca]

Bcn blanc i negre

Commemorating the city in black and white. [Ca]

Vestigios de bcn

Explore the charming corners of the city's ten districts. [Es]


Observe and identify sculptures and works of art situated in public spaces. [Es]


Directory of blogs on Barcelona and its ancient villas [Ca]

La Barceloneta’s Communal Photographic Collection

A collaborative local residents’ project that features La Barcelona’s graphic memories on a website. [Ca]

Murs Lliures

Is legally authorised to manage public spaces so artists can paint their works on Barcelona’s exposed walls.

Spotted by locals

Experience Barcelona like a local.

Barcelona Babies

Practical information, advice and cultural events and activities for Barcelona’s Francophone community