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Barcelona’s popular culture

Giants, human castles (castellers), craft markets, fairs... Check out the calendar of the most deeply rooted popular and traditional acts, learn about the manifestations of popular culture and search the entities involved.  

Parc del Laberint d'Horta

Discover Barcelona

Step into the city’s districts and neighbourhoods, and enjoy its attractions. Make the most of all Barcelona has to offer: urban areas, cultural and architectural heritage, nature areas, leisure, study centres, museums, recommendations on where to go shopping or practice sports, and much more.

Illustration by Carlos Murillo and Pau Gasol

Sala Ciutat

The display area in the Sala Ciutat is paying homage to the book Barcelones, by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, with a mural by the designer Carles Murillo and the illustrator Pau Gasol.

 A man reads issue number 109 of the Barcelona Metròpolis magazine

‘Barcelona Metròpolis’

This magazine provides a voice for reflection and debate on the challenges of the global city and urban transformations which affect the lives of local people.

Visitors taking photos inside the old Model prison

Memory programmes

Discover the memory programmes that are aimed at preserving, conveying, publishing and ensuring the use of the ethical and political heritage made up from the past in all its forms and manifestations.

Visitors looking at the archaeological remains at the Born Centre for Culture and Memory.

El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria

Housed in the former Born Market building, this centre encourages and promotes reflection on local and national memory as well as global events, through encounters, debates and areas dedicated to learning and exhibitions. 

Memorial to the attacks

Consult the wreaths laid along the Rambla that have been catalogued and digitised by the Museu d'Història i l'Arxiu Municipal. The aim is to preserve the memory of the public response and to explain to future generations the solidarity action that occurred in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

Patio of the Sant Agustí convent at night with red lights

Charming corners

Many of Barcelona's neighbourhoods still preserve the spirit of the past in squares, cloisters and passages. Discover the city’s main charming spots.

Interior of a Modernista Building

Urban landscape

Find out about the various themed routes, guided tours and proposed trips available for exploring the wealth and diversity of Barcelona’s urban landscape.

Barcelona Llibres

Thanks to an initiative called Barcelona Llibres, the City Council is putting an extensive catalogue of publications on a range of subjects and in various formats at your disposal. These include publications on culture, art, sports, history, the city, politics, urban planning and economics.

Museum of the History of Barcelona


Open the gateway to the origins of the city, rediscovering the people, facts and events that have shaped the city from ancient Barcino to modern day Barcelona.

Water Memorial

Want to know all about water in Barcelona? Various entities and facilities are offering a programme of activities on water as a universal, public and scarce asset, which needs to be valued and maintained. The programme includes visits, tours, walks, workshops, talks and seminars.

Metro station with a stationary train and people on the platform

BCN metro to metro

Discover Barcelona’s history, corners, agenda and attractions from a new perspective: its metro stations.

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