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Girl heading to Porta22 to look for a job

Barcelona Treball

Resources for job seeking and professional development.

Support for women entrepreneurs

The School of Women Entrepreneurs is now called Lidera and is expanding its range of support programmes, activities and networking on offer.

A group of people in an industrial building assembling cardboard boxes.

Social and solidarity economy

The City Council is fostering and promoting the Social and Solidarity Economy with resources that include training, support, economic aid, responsible public procurement and the allocation of venues and materials. Find out all about it!

Business Support Office

Information about the Business Support Office (OAE), which advises local and international companies. Find out how to participate in the business growth programmes and the training and networking activities they organise.  

Up with shutters!

Municipal plan for promoting, especially through purchasing, the reactivation of vacant ground-floor premises located in the city’s strategic areas, with the aim of reinvigorating commerce in the city’s neighbourhoods.

Group of people inside the InnoBA building


InnoBA is a Barcelona Activa facility offering activities, specialist services, research, training, opportunities for experimentation and project incubation, all within the sphere of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) and socioeconomic innovation.

A girl sits on some steps in a square

Work for young people

If you’re young and looking for work, or you can’t find the work you’d like, check out Barcelona Activa’s advice, training, entrepreneurship and research services.

A woman writting on a computer

Financial education

Fancy improving your personal and family finances? Check out the new website with a free digital course and various resources for improving your financial decisions.

Looking for work?

Barcelona Activa offers an information service on all the job seeking resources and guidance available.


If you’re looking for work, register with Barcelona Activa’s Business-Job platform. You will receive work offers that meet your profile.

Hands of a person flicking through the company guide on LGBTI rights

Guide for companies on LGBTI rights

Best practice guide for companies on managing sexual and gender diversity and protecting LGBTI rights.

Enterprise and consumption

The Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC) has a space for helping to relate company activities to consumer satisfaction.

 An old man in front of a stall at the Doll's Market tells the clerk in a mask how many pieces she wants.

“Barcelona never stops”

Check out the city’s measures for tackling the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, whose goal is to regenerate Barcelona’s economic and social fabric and accelerate its economy.

Young people doing cooking practice on vocational training.

Pathways to insertion and employment

Pathways for improving the possibilities of placing people with added difficulties finding work. The programme includes guidance, training, work experience and support in looking for work.

Business incubators

Barcelona Activa provides infrastructures and services for establishing newly created businesses, organisations and entrepreneurs.

Financial service for supporting and accompanying self-employed workers

Business funding

Barcelona Activa has a financial service for supporting and accompanying self-employed workers, enterprises and organisations looking for needed or specific financial resources.​

People waiting, seated in one of the Responsible Consumption Centre’s room

Responsible Consumption Space

A new space aimed at training centres, associations and companies, with resources and proposals for promoting consumption from a responsible and conscientious perspective.

Economia Social

Social Economy Business Directory

Barcelona Activa is offering you an online tool for searching social economy enterprises and associations and promoting social public procurement. 


Looking for a job?

Are you looking for work? Do you need to prepare for an interview? Fancy improving your CV? The Barcelona Activa team are at your disposal for clearing up your work related queries.

Look for and identify the employment opportunities that best suit your profile and access job offers from the main job listing sites, updated in real time. Find information on the current situation in the main professional fields and on personalised employment promotion programmes.

Identify the different phases in a selection process and use the tools and resources available from Barcelona Treball to prepare for it and succeed.

Look up information on administrative procedures to do with unemployment benefits and subsidies through the Catalan Employment Service (SOC), which has a network of offices and self-service points. Also find out how to make an appointment and about the resources for people who have labour integration difficulties.

Are you young and looking for a job? Do you want to start a business? Learn about the advisory services that provide you with free support and guidance. You can also find information on studying or working abroad.

A woman advising a job seeker
Overview of the jobseekers' area at Barcelona Activa
Training class for unemployed people
Man entering the unemployment office while two young people look over documents
A young man beside a job board reading a job offer

Do you want to start your own business?

Do you want to get your project going? Use the resources provided by Barcelona Activa and Catalunya Emprèn, which will allow you to learn about the programmes, activities and services available to enable you to make the leap from idea to company.

Public, private and mixed initiatives to promote growth, feasibility and the consolidation of cooperative and social economic projects such as alternative and strategic business models.

Ubica’t (find your place) enables users to conduct market research using data on economic activity and demographics. Based on the resulting report, you will be able to design a search that is tailor-made to your needs and obtain a customised document.

The Barcelona Activa Mature Ideas Programme offers resources to entrepreneurs over the age of 45 for turning a business idea into an enterprise. It provides tools, among other things, for preparing an enterprise plan, as well as tutorials and advice for raising funds.

InnoBA is a Barcelona Activa facility offering activities, specialist services, research, training, opportunities for experimentation and project incubation, all within the sphere of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) and socioeconomic innovation. The centre is aimed at individuals and organisations who want to start initiatives, as well as those wanting to develop existing projects.

A man asking for advice on launching a project at Barcelona Activa
Exhibitors and visitors from a trade fair with social economic projects
Tables for business and entrepreneur assistance
Two people standing and talking in an office

Lifelong training

Link up to this IT training and promotion programme whether you are a professional or a company. You will find Internet introductory activities and tools to develop your IT and professional skills.

Enter the Consortium website and find information about lifelong training activities in Catalonia. This will help you to adapt to the knowledge society, enable increase your professional skills and obtain training throughout your life.

Training area dedicated to the Internet and digital learning
Young participant at a training course in a new media class

Do you own a business?

Visit the Business Support Office to obtain all information of interest to your business, receive guidance, complete formalities and take part in training programmes. You will also find information on programmes of assistance for recruiting long-term unemployed workers over 40 years of age.

Do you export? Do you want to internationalise your business? ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness, and Barcelona Activa provide the resources you need to drive your international activity at any of its stages.

Do your form part of Barcelona’s economic activity? Are you interested in creating jobs, promoting investment or attracting talent? Use the resources provided by Barcelona Business and find information about the opportunities that the city’s strategic sectors offer.

Various people making use of the Business Support Office
Good loading and unloading port at the Zona Franca
Researchers working on laboratory samples

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Foment del treball

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Barcelonès Jove

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