Two girls in class, with a tablet, looking at vowels


To promote inclusive education, Barcelona City Council ensures the integration of students with special educational needs. Find out about the schooling process, available resources and accessible centres with special education support units. 

Man with a disability working at a company


People with functional diversity are entitled to fully develop their employment-life projects, to enjoy opportunities in the labour market and to receive employment training. Discover the measures and tools that are available.

Work. Accessible Barcelona [Es]

Man in a wheelchair using the elevator at a metro station


Move around Barcelona: tickets, reserved areas and infrastructures designed for people with disabilities and reduced mobility. 

Transport. Accessible Barcelona [Es]

A girl with Down’s syndrome smiling

Services and benefits

The Barcelona public social services network, offers support, guidance, attention, information, resources and benefits for people with disabilities, among other collectives. Find out more.  

Social Services. Accessible Barcelona [Es]

Man with functional diversity peeling potatoes

Municipal Institute for Persons with Disabilities

The IMPD is a body that offers direct care services for people and works with associations to boost accessibility and inclusion in Barcelona.

IMPD. Accessible Barcelona [Es]

Woman with disability getting into the shower


If you have a physical disability, you can apply for a grant to adapt your home or request subsidized, adapted housing. 



Information on resources for balancing care work with employment and personal life, aimed at caregivers.

Services like the Time and Quality of Life Programme help families, especially those in which there is a dependent member, to balance family, professional and personal lives and offers them tools to improve their day-to-day living. The project also proposes activities and games for 4 to 18 year-olds with disabilities.

Barcelona has two Interdisciplinary Teams for Young Children (EIPI), which provide services for early detection of developmental disorders in children aged 6 and under. At the EIPI facilities, located in Nou Barris and Ciutat Vella, you’ll find preventative health care services, diagnoses and treatment, and case follow-up. There is also a support service for school and social integration for young children.

Barcelona has child-development and precocious-children care-service centres (CDIAP) that coordinate person-to-person and preventive initiatives aimed at children up to the age of 6 who present a form of developmental disorder or are in a situation where they are at risk of suffering such a disorder.

A young woman helping an elderly woman to use a computer.
Boy with a ball to do an activity
Young children playing with hula-hoops in a park


Barcelona offers a range of leisure options adapted to people with disabilities. Look up leisure activities, social support associations and specific programmes like “Time for yourself.”

The city provides a wide range of fully equipped sports facilities adapted for everyone to enjoy, and which prioritize inclusive activities, be they for schools, summer casals (day centres) or sports competitions. The Barcelona Sport Includes programme offers training, guidance, help with dressing, monitoring of support provided, and loans of materials so that physical activity can be carried out without limitations or barriers.

Barcelona is one of the most accessible cities in the world when it comes to public streets and spaces: all streets have parking-free garage entrances and almost all have a sufficient width of passage for people travelling on wheelchairs. Its beaches are also prepared for everyone's enjoyment: there are reserved parking places, visual and touch signage and information, adapted toilets, wooden footbridges that lead right up to the water and adapted showers.

The Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities (IMPD) works alongside the Institute of Culture, the Biblioteques Consortium and the city's districts to ensure every citizen has access to the content of museums, libraries and public-participatory facilities, such as civic centres, local neighbourhood centres and youth centres.

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Youngster without a leg beside his adapted bicycle
Man pushing a wheelchair along an access ramp to the beach
Boy with eeducational support staff

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