Barcelona Care Centre is a pioneering centre that aims to showcase all the city's existing care resources and make them available to everyone. It aims to be a leading centre for providing the general public with information about all the services and resources in the territory, and for promoting exchange and networking among them.

The centre aims to become:

  • A comprehensive information and guidance point for the existing resources in the territory.
  • A place where everyone involved in care work in the city can meet and interact.
  • A place where individuals, professionals and organisations can coordinate and network with each other.
  • A centre that informs city residents and raises awareness about care work.

Why this facility?

Care is a very wide-ranging concept that includes all the activities that are carried out in response to the physical, psychological and emotional needs of one or more persons in both the private and the public spheres; but above all, care is an activity that some people carry out to help other people.

Therefore, care work is included in a number of city programmes, actions and facilities, and there is an enormous range of people and groups involved in providing and receiving this care. 

The sector’s dual expansiveness gives rise to significant segmentation and the dispersion of information and resources. The Barcelona Care Centre aims to tackle this dispersion and facilitate access to information and resources.

The centre is one of the initiatives foreseen in the Government Measure for the Democratisation of Care Work (2017-2020) and in the City Support Strategy for people who care for relatives. It hopes to become a benchmark centre in the city, and a place to network with the services and resources in the neighbourhoods and districts.

Although its territorial scope is the City of Barcelona, the project has a metropolitan vocation and takes into account the network of relationships and the mobility of Barcelona's population. To this effect, the Barcelona Care Centre aims to become an up-to-date information point for both available public resources provided by the various administrations and private and community-run care work programmes, actions and facilities.


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