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    A group of children are looking at something that they are holding in their hands

    Preventive measures against COVID-19

    Check out the Covid-19-prevention measures planned for the 2021-2022 school year starting with all face-to-face classes, including Baccalaureate and vocational training classes.

    Preventive measures for the 2021-2022 school year

    A boy plays in a nursery school playground

    Escoles Bressol (nursery schools)

    Access the Barcelona public schools and nursery schools network for children aged 0 to 3 years old. Everything you need to know is just a click away: pre-inscription and registration processes, applications, admissions criteria and a search engine for centres. 

    Group of children leaving school, hugging and laughing

    Let’s go to school!

    Find out about pre-inscription and registration for the second cycle of pre-primary education (3-6 years) and for primary education (6-12 years). Here, you’ll also find answers to frequently asked questions: paperwork, available places, results and other procedures. 

    A group of children do an experiment in a lab at school

    Let’s go to secondary school!

    The ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) (12-16 years) can be taken at public, private or charter schools. Once completed, it leads on to a new, non-compulsory level: the Baccalaureate. This two-course programme prepares and specializes students for further education, be it vocational training or university studies.

    A university class

    Let’s go to university!

    Do you want to study at one of Barcelona’s universities? Look up courses (296 Undergraduate and 486 Master’s degrees) according to the subject or university, and learn about the registration process and scholarship application. Don’t wait to make your academic future a reality! 

    Two young people doing an internship at a kindergarten

    Vocational training

    Vocational Training (VT) refers to courses that provide you with the knowledge and skills to learn your profession. VT cycles can be mid-level (post-ESO) or upper-level (post-Baccalaureate), and combine theoretical and practical studies.

    "Professor and student at the blackboard in a French class

    Learn languages

    Do you want to learn languages? You have various options: you can study at an official school or at a private academy, and you can also join conversation or language exchange groups. Find all the relevant information to access the language schools: pre-registration dates, priority criteria, applications and much more.

    Group of pupils in class looking at a human skeleton

    Choosing a school

    Explore your catchment area and use the search engine to find education centres in Barcelona by name, location, the types of services they offer.

    Clay elephant on a table and pupils in a class in the background

    Educational services

    Discover the educational services at your disposal: guidance and counselling services, resources for students with hearing impairment or functional diversities, among others.

    Educational services (CAT)

    Woman opening an AMPA box


    Get involved in your children’s education process through associations and municipal family support programmes.  

    Group of pupils playing in a school playground

    Open schools

    Explore extra-curricular initiatives: school libraries, open playgrounds and school routes. 


    Other studies

    Want to start studying music but don’t know where to go? In the city of Barcelona, you’ll find a selection of municipal schools, where you can learn the musical practice of your choice. Designed for people of all ages, you can learn to play an instrument, to compose or to enjoy music at your own pace and rhythm.

    The first publicly operated School of Second Opportunities will be housed in the former primary healthcare centre in the neighbourhood of Navas. The centre is a new socio-economic service for young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who dropped out of school before finishing secondary school or who finished secondary school but gave up studying. A personalised two-year itinerary of specialised training will be developed for each of them, in line with their profile, needs and interests, and they will have a tutor to help them through the process of training and gaining employment.

    Do you want to obtain a qualification and improve your technical and professional skills? If you’re over 28, check out the adult education centres, where you'll find foundation, basic and specialized training courses, as well as preparatory courses for the entry exams you’ll need to sit for vocational training and university courses.

    Sports education provides you with professional skills for each sport, for obtaining expert or high-level expert sports qualification. To be eligible for the first stage of mid-level training, you will need to have a Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) certificate or equivalent.

    Art education aims to provide you with artistic training in performance arts, fine art and design, dance or music. You can take these courses as soon as you have completed your Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) and to enter, you must pass specific tests.

    Non-formal education offers you training which enables you to complete your studies with a diploma or certificate awarded by a centre. Courses vary in duration depending on the training centre, and you will find a great variety of options available in Barcelona: drawing, IT, theatre, languages, cookery, business administration, music, photography, aesthetics, leisure, and many more.

    Musical performance by an orchestra
    Grup de persones adultes escoltant i prenent apunts en una classe
    Group of young people at an aerobics class
    Painting class
    Girl in a class learning to play the harp

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