Eat and drink

Group of young people laughing while they are seated on the terrace of a restaurant

Terrace culture

In any Barcelona street you will find a terrace where you can eat outdoors. Enjoy it! 

Woman sitting at a table in a tavern drinking an aperitif

The vermouth tradition

Find the bars and bodegas where you can have a vermouth (a midday aperitif) and share a chat and tapas.

Plate of patatas bravas and croquetas on a table in a bar

Catalan cuisine

Discover the Barcelona restaurants where you can sample traditional Catalan recipes. 

Catalan cuisine. Meet Barcelona

Man sitting at the bar of a restaurant having a drink

Historic bars and restaurants

Barcelona preserves old restaurants and bars that tell part of the city’s story. Enjoy them! 

Historic bars and restaurants. Meet Barcelona

Chef decorating a tapa before serving it

Signature cuisine

Enjoy the signature cuisine that has placed Barcelona at the gastronomic forefront.

Cake on display a pastry shop

A Barcelona of cakes and pastries

The city’s hundred-year-old patisseries delight our pallets. What’s more, many feature a space where you can try unique recipes for sweets, cakes and handmade pastries. Discover them and sweeten your day with their tempting delicacies. 

Establishment specialised in hot chocolate

Chocolate Barcelona

Visit the city’s xocolateries and granjas, and treat yourself to the best hot chocolate.

Find places to eat and drink more easily

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